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Published: January 30, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Fragadelphia’s organizers decided to host LAN VALORANT event
  • However, two weeks after the announcement, zero teams had signed up for it
  • This prompted the organizers to switch to a Counter-Strike 2 event instead

Due to there not being enough free teams to play right now as VCT Challengers and Game Changers are ongoing, Frag/ment was switched from VALORANT to CS2.

Organizers Switch Game

Most esports players start their careers in various small tournaments and this also holds true for professional Counter-Strike. When it comes to the North American scene, Fragadelphia has been one of the most popular places where both relative newcomers as well as experienced teams clash, making the event a staple of the region.

Perhaps building on this success and reputation, the tournament organizers wanted to expand into VALORANT and so announced they would be hosting the event Frag/ment on March 15 to 17. However, the tournament organizer quickly pivoted into a Counter-Strike 2 event after zero teams signed up two weeks after it was announced.

Of course, the tournament organizers tried to convince people to sign up for the event before declaring it would become a CS one. “We are currently sitting at 0 signups for the Valorant LAN after two weeks (I swear this game isn’t dead I was just playing it the other day…),” wrote Fragadelphia on Twitter on January 26, asking players to sign up. “Unfortunately, if we don’t get enough teams to run a small one we will need to cancel it.”

The initial VALORANT tournament was supposed to have 32 teams competing in a LAN setting over the three days initially set for it. The TAP Esports Center in Philadelphia was going to be the venue of the event, but it will remain so after the organizer’s recent announcement. The format, team numbers, and dates of the tournament will also remain the same.

Why Did This Happen?

It is not unheard of for a tournament to not be able to fill all of its spots for teams, necessitating some changes or strange decisions. Something like that happened in Dota 2 recently when Nigma Galaxy got an ESL Qualifier Spot without meeting resistance because the MENA tournament the organization participated in had just three teams sign up.

The reason for zero squads registering for the Frag/ment event is likely due to the dates it was supposed to be held. March 15-17 are in the middle of the season start for Challengers and Game Changers, VALORANT’s tier-two, and three scenes. Additionally, many partnered VCT teams would’ve never been able to compete Fragadelphia lands squarely in the middle of Master Madrid. All this means is that there simply weren’t many players available to participate, although having zero teams sign up for the event is still quite an achievement.

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