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Published: December 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Counter-Strike 2 has a kukri, a unique type of knife made popular by the Gurkhas
  • However, it is not officially added to the game
  • Despite that, there are a couple of ways one can view the knife in practice mode

Ever since its files were datamined earlier this year, players have wanted to see the kukri officially added to CS2, but until then, fans must use console commands to see it.

How To Get a Kukri

It is well known that Counter-Strike players really like their cosmetics and other weapons skins. Having a rare skin or item is often associated with having a lot of experience in the game, as it would have taken a lot of games to open many boxes and prizes to have a better chance of getting a rare item. Alternatively, sporting a rare skin on your gun or knife could be seen as bragging about how much you’ve spent on the game.

Since CS:GO was launched, an entire economy has sprouted up around the acquiring and selling of various cosmetics. CS2 is continuing that tradition and has the potential of adding even more skins and items. One of these is the Kukri, which has yet to be officially added to the game but exists in its files.

The kukri, also known as a khukuri, is a type of short sword or large knife with a distinct recurved blade that originates from India. In modern times it is often associated with Nepal and the Gurkhas, a Nepali ethnic group known for their martial prowess. Today, Gurkha soldiers who are in the service of Nepal, India, and the UK carry modern versions of this sword as both a weapon and a badge of honor.

Back when Counter-Strike 2 was in its beta testing phase, fans datamined a kukri design in the game, although there is no way to acquire it in the game officially right now. Despite that, there are some simple ways to play with it in practice mode. When playing the mode, follow these steps to unlock the knife:

  1. Open the console by pressing the ~ key.
  2. Type the following command: sv_cheats 1
  3. Type the following command: give weapon_knife_kukri
  4. You will now have the Kukri knife equipped

There are also some mods that allow you to play using the much-coveted knife if you do not want to deal with console commands, but be aware that using third-party mods can be risky and may result in your account being banned.

Considering its IRL prowess, unique design, rarity, and the fact it is already present in other games, such as Far Cry 4, VALORANT, and Team Fortress 2, it should not be surprising that many fans want the kukri added officially to CS2. Although Valve has yet to announce anything of the sort, many still hope that the day will come, since the weapon’s files are already in the game.

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