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Published: January 15, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The classic map has been a staple since CS1.6
  • It was even featured in the trailers for Counter-Strike 2
  • Yet it has not been added to the current game

Over the past months, players have been asking where de_train is, but Valve has yet to give a satisfactory response on when the map will be added to CS2.

The Train Is Late

It has been almost four months since the launch of Counter-Strike 2, yet the game still has some missing features, and players are wondering when Valve will add them. One of the more frequently asked-for things is an iconic map that has been a staple of the game since CS 1.6 and every version after, yet is still missing from CS2.

De_train is a name very familiar to older CS fans. The map was allegedly supposed to be included in this version of the game and even featured in the trailers. Unfortunately, it seems to have never been added to the game and was also omitted from the Limited Test that started almost a year ago.

Because of this, many fans have been wondering when, or even if, the map will make a comeback to CS2. One fan asked this question in a Reddit post, sparking a discussion on the matter. “It’s been ~10 months since cs2 announcement trailer where we first saw train, and it looked close to finished, but we have not heard about it since,” the OP wrote.

Why Is this the Case?

Although Valve has not officially answered the recurring question, we can likely infer some things from what they said about the direction in which they want to steer CS2. When the game launched in late September, it came with a lot of bugs and other issues, a phenomenon that seems to be viewed on many other occasions by big companies releasing games in recent years.

Because of this, Valve pointed out they want to spend more time and effort on fixing the current issues, which negatively impact gameplay, especially the competitive kind. While this seems reasonable, fans still wonder why Valve doesn’t spend a little extra time on de_train and release it. Many say that the map looked rather finished in the trailers, so it should not take too much effort to release it. Especially now that Valve ended support for CS:GO, the company should have more spare manpower and resources to work on content for the new game.

Yet new maps for the game still tend to be missing, a discrepancy that has not gone unnoticed by fans, who decided to joke about the situation. “You can’t expect an indie company like Valve to deliver content quickly and on a regular schedule,” one player wrote a sarcastic remark under the Reddit post. “Maybe 2024 is the year we get the missing maps, modes or maybe an operation. But probably not both because again you can’t really expect too much from a small company like Valve.”

Despite all the requests, questions, and jokes, Valve has yet to say anything about the classic map, so for now it seems fans would just have to wait and see when or even if the company is going to release de_train.

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