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Published: September 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • 9INE did not drop a single map during their qualification run
  • This completes their redemption after failing at the IEM Sydney 2023: European Qualifier last month
  • For Into the Breach, this was their first outing with the lineup, starring ⁠Qikert as the new IGL

Following a close victory over Into the Breach on Ancient and Vertigo, Polish squad 9INE has secured a spot for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Europe.

9INE Qualify For BLAST Fall Showdown

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Europe is approaching fast and teams from around the continent are clamoring to secure a spot in the coveted event. Fortunately for Polish squad 9INE, they have already done so after defeating Into the Breach’s mixed roster in a hard-fought match yesterday.

9INE’s qualification for the BLAST Fall Showdown is a perfect ending in their recent episode full of victories. The team has been in a redemption ark and has wiped the shame of not being able to achieve good results during the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2023: European Qualifier last month. 9INE has taken those defeats to heart and learned from them, which resulted in the Polish lineup stringing together three consecutive victories at the RES Western European Masters: Fall 2023, beating Gone and Looking4Org’s French players, before culminating with the victory against Into the Breach.

Speaking of ItB, the team made a valiant effort against the Poles, but just like their other matches so far in the qualification event, they simply lacked a bit of power at crucial times. The qualifier was the organization’s first outing with their new lineup featuring Alexey “⁠Qikert⁠” Golubev, whom ItB signed as their new in-game leader last week. Unfortunately for them, the revamped roster did not bring the success Into the Breach had hoped for. The mixed European roster started off slow with a loss to GenOne, but recovered against the likes of Endpoint and Sprout to reach the final.

There, however, they were once again trumped, this time by 9INE. The match started on Ancient, and throughout the map, both teams traded rounds, making for an interesting encounter to watch. Unfortunately for ItB, their Polish opponents had a burst of energy at just the right time in order to string a few rounds and take the map 16-12. The second map, Vertigo, was much the same, with both teams lobbing everything they had against one another. This time it all even seemed closer, as Into the Breach managed to get 14 rounds, before 9INE once again found just enough strength to take the map with a too-close-for-comfort 16-14 lead.

Now, the Poles will go on to play at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown will go live between October 4-8. The event will host eight teams in a notoriously unforgiving single-elimination bracket where 9INE will have to face the likes of BIG, ENCE, and OG. If they have enough skill and luck, the Poles will be able to secure a spot at the $425 000 BLAST Fall Final.

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