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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Raven Software, the studio behind COD: Warzone, has staged a protest against Activision Blizzard
  • The reason is that Blizzard recently fired 12 QA team workers without a warning
  • The protesting developers insist that every member of the QA team, including the terminated ones, must be offered full-time positions

Activision Blizzard has disgruntled the developers of Raven Software by terminating twelve quality assurance workers without a warning. Protests ensued.

Blizzard Terminated a Dozen QA Workers

The developers of Raven Software have risen in protest against the recent Activision Blizzard layoffs that saw twelve Raven Software quality assurance workers dismissed from the company.

The happening in question occurred on December 3. Raven Software reported that the parent company suddenly fired a dozen of employees from the quality assurance team, after promising them a higher paycheck and “positive departmental changes” just a short while ago.

To demonstrate their disgruntlement with Blizzard’s decision, Raven Software developers have staged a walkout and are demanding for giving full-time positions to the unjustly dismissed QA team members.

A statement by the Raven Software protestors reads:

 “The Raven QA team and other members of Raven’s staff will be walking out with a singular demand. Every member of the QA team, including those terminated on Friday, must be offered full-time positions.”

Raven Software Insists That The Layoffs Are Unacceptable and Unjust

The ABK Workers Alliance, a group of Activision Blizzard employees, also spoke on the matter, sharing its opinion on Twitter. The workers revealed that this demonstration wants to ensure the continued growth of Raven Software and everyone participating does so “with the continued success of the studio at the forefront of their mind.”

Furthermore, the workers have noted that the layoffs don’t seem logical since Call of Duty: Warzone, the main title developed by Raven Software, is enjoying a steady success and increase in profits. For the workers, such layoffs are simply unacceptable and “contradict Raven’s goal of being an exemplary work in the industry.”

As a whole, negative sentiments against Activision Blizzard seem to be on the rise. This isn’t the first time in 2021 that the company has laid off workers en masse. In the previous months, Activision Blizzard dismissed about 200 workers, which aggravated a lot of people, considering the millions of bonuses the company’s chief executive officer, Bobby Kotick, gets.

Furthermore, Activision Blizzard has been stacking bad decisions. Not only has the company failed to adequately deal with the scandalous lawsuit by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing but it also seemingly turned out that Kotick knew about the frat-boy culture all along.

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