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Published: June 5, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Modern Warfare II recently had a small update in Season 4
  • It buffed the crossbow so much that players are now calling it broken and overpowered
  • It is still somewhat difficult to use but it’s a guaranteed one-shot kill if you hit

The crossbow has long been thought of as a bad weapon but after a recent Modern Warfare II update, it dominates smaller maps.

Modern Warfare II’s Meta Changes

Every game has its meta where certain weapons or items seem to be the most effective in multiplayer. Of course, Modern Warfare II is no exception to that rule and there are always some guns that are simply better than others at any given time in the game’s season.

However, Call of Duty’s meta often changes as the devs constantly try to rebalance things or add new features to the game. Sometimes a weapon that’s been great at a certain point can rapidly become rather weak or even borderline useless after a simple update. Of course, the opposite is also true as the devs try to fix a gun, only for it to become very powerful.

The latter seems to have happened to one item in Modern Warfare II. As Season 4 turned around an update made the previously “unusable” crossbow into a real menace on smaller maps. This happened after a secret buff and since then, players have been complaining how overpowered and “broken” the CoD weapon has become.

This new balance was shown very well in a recent video by Warzone guru WhosImmortal. In it, the CoD pro explained how currently the crossbow is a one-shot guaranteed kill regardless of where you hit on the body if you’ve equipped with explosive ammo. “This thing has no business being this consistent,” WhosImmortal further explained.

How to Use the Crossbow?

While the weapon is currently unexpectedly among the top spots in the MWII meta, it should be noted that you have to use a specific build in order to be effective with it. As WhosImmortal, the use of explosive ammo is a must if you want to make one-shots. However, here’s a more in-depth look at what an optimal build for the Modern Warfare II crossbow looks like:

  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Laser: Kimura RYL33 Laser
  • Optic: KR Minitac-40 Riser
  • Bolts: Blastcap 20’ Bolts
  • Wire: 28-strand cable

The YouTuber also warned that the weapon is somewhat tricky to use as it is only a single shot and has a long reload time. He explained that if you miss, you will be a sitting duck for enemies until you reload. Furthermore, the crossbow is perhaps not the best thing to use at very large distances, so bigger maps might not be entirely suited for it.

With all that said, the weapon seems like a fun thing to try sometimes in your Modern Warfare II games, despite it being somewhat difficult to use.

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