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Published: October 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: Warzone had an important weapon balance update recently
  • It changed many weapons from across all primary weapon categories
  • However, the M4 seems to have climbed on top of the meta

Warzone’s latest update saw mane ARs and SMGs getting nerfed, but the M4, along with a specific loadout of attachments, has become arguably one of the best weapons in the game currently.

Warzone Receives Big Balance Changes

Call of Duty developers are preparing for the launch of Modern Warfare II which is just a couple of weeks ago and part of the setup includes implementing several balance changes to Warzone’s weapons. When the devs released The Haunting even last week, they also stated that a weapon balancing update was on the way. It came a couple of days ago and saw a range of buffs and nerfs across nearly every primary weapon category.

According to the official patch notes, Warzone guns such as the TR-76 Geist, Kastov-74u, and TAQ 56 have had their close-range damage reduced, while some had the long-range damage increased. Many other guns also had increases in their long-range damage, but in between all these buffs and nerfs, one particular gun seems to stand out – the M4.

Is This the Best M4 Loadout?

Although the assault rifle’s only change is the increase of the weapon’s close-in damage, combining it with the rest of the changes, has made the M4 more viable in the current meta. As demonstrated by a video by Warzone player and content creator Metaphor, the weapon has had a “double buff” since all other top weapons in the AR category were nerfed.

Considering the M4’s predictable recoil and damage profiles, the YouTuber says the weapon is excellent for mouse and keyboard players. He also notes that the assault rifle has the same limb damage for all body parts, making the weapon very forgiving while in use. This means that M4 loadouts have to be compared with Warzone’s best Kastov 762 loadout in terms of consistency and damage.

Metaphor showcased what could possibly be the best configuration for the M4 currently, consisting of the Cronen OP44 muzzle, Hightower 20′ barrel, FTAC Ripper 56 under barrel, Aim OP-V4 optic, and 45-round magazine attachment. These parts increase the damage, range, accuracy, and recoil control while decreasing mobility and handling at the same time. However, these negatives are mitigated by the recent M4 buff and the stat-boosting attachments.

All in all, the latest Warzone balance update has made the M4 a very valuable weapon for grinding for the highly sought-after Ghoulie Camo, which became available a day after the balance patch. With Modern Warfare III just around the corner, it remains to be seen if the gun will be just as viable in that game as it is in Warzone.

If anything, at least the recent update keeps the meta interesting by changing up the weapons.

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