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Published: October 25, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • A new first-person shooter by the name Combat Master Online FPS has hit the Google Play Store
  • People have pointed some pretty obvious similarities between the new title and COD: Modern Warfare
  • While the game seems to be a rip-off, some are curious to see how it stands its ground

Alpha Bravo has released a new mobile title by the name Combat Master Online FPS. Its similarities with Modern Warfare have become a hot topic.

Combat Master: A Call of Duty Modern Warfare Clone?

A mobile game developed by studio Alpha Bravo and titled “Combat Master Online FPS” has hit the app stores. Upon inspection, gamers have realized that it is an almost exact replica of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The game mirrors both Modern Warfare’s look and mechanics. The user interface is similar, the animations of the characters are the same, the skins and rarities look heavily inspired if not copied. The coincidences are far too many to ignore.

Players have immediately reacted to this and have pointed out Combat Master’s lack of originality. Some gamers have noted that even the lobby screens are looking the same.

To top it, Combat Master features paid items, with some being as expensive as 40 dollars. It claims that it won’t have chance-based paid systems such as lootboxes, but that’s yet to be seen.

The game claims to be “Made by true enthusiasts with a special love for firearms and gaming community” and advertises itself as “the ultimate FPS experience on your mobile”. First-person shooter lovers have shunned those claims because of the inherent similarities to Modern Warfare.

While it’s true that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an amazing title and a great source of inspiration, maybe Combat Master goes a little bit too far. Creative inspiration is one thing but in the eyes of many, Combat Master goes beyond that.

Some Are Curious to See What the Fuss is All About

Some, however, are excited to see how this plays out. Members of the gaming community have noted they want to give Combat Master a shot. Many of those are people who realize the game isn’t very original in its approach but are disgruntled with Modern Warfare’s current state.

“Wow, this shows even a rip-off can compete a multi-million dollar company. Meanwhile, codm devs are ruining their own game with slackish in game content and unbalanced mechanics,” one Twitter user said.

If Combat Master manages to hold its ground, it may prove to be a good alternative for people who want to play a similar competitive shooter on their phones.

The mobile games market has always been rather wacky when authorship is concerned. Many times successful games get budget clones that are never taken down. With thousands of fake ads, misleading apps, and game clones, it seems like the mobile market operates by its own set of rules.

It will be curious to see both whether gamers like Combat Master and whether Activision takes action against it.

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