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Published: May 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The studio put out a new weapon tuning blog for Season 21
  • A line in that bog makes a specific reference to the old Tyranny of Heaven
  • It’s likely the weapon and others from its series would be buffed and craftable

An excerpt from Bungie’s recent Destiny 2 Season 21 weapon tuning blog post hint at the company buffing the somewhat forgotten Last Wish weapons.

Last Wish Weapon Refresh Might Be Coming

Destiny 2’s newest season is drawing closer and developer Bungie has begun releasing a whole slew of information about what players might expect to see soon. Although not everything has been confirmed, it’s safe to assume, based on what we know so far, that Season 21, called Season of the Deep, will be a major new step forward for the game.

Although a focus on older features, such as reprise items, has not yet been mentioned, one line of text in the recent Destiny 2 Season 21 weapon tuning blog suggests that something big may be happening at last. This line has to do with a reference to the old Last Wish combat bow, the Tyranny of Heaven.

“Tyranny of Heaven’s stats were always weirdly low,” the line reads, “and we were touching these weapons anyway so opted to update its stats while we were in there.” The term “these weapons” likely refers to the Last Wish’s roster of unique crystal-carved Awoken weapons. This could mean that some kind of an update is being planned for the upcoming Season 21.

Last Wish has often been overlooked by the players as it features one of the most difficult boss fights in Destiny 2. Despite that, this particular Raid is a very important piece of content and a highlight of the old Forsaken DLC. Considering this, it’s easy to see why Bungie would like to update its gear drops, in order to encourage fans to play through it. Considering such an update will bring its weapons up to par with the latest new gear with Origin Traits, players are surely going to take an interest in running it.

If Bungie’s reference does indeed lead to a Last Wish weapon refresh, they’d likely end up being craftable too. This would mean that the list of must-have craftable weapons in Destiny 2 would grow significantly, as Last Wish has always had many interesting loot drops. Unfortunately, they have been power-crept by newer gear, making them rather irrelevant in the last few seasons.

However, fans will have to wait and see what Bungie still has in store for the game’s Season 21.

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