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Published: December 12, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Asmongold has looked into reports that Blizzard employees had their breast milk stolen
  • The streamer called those reports too hard to read because of how disturbing they were
  • Blizzard is wobbling under the weight of all the scandals that are constantly hitting at it

An insidious culture of mistreating female employees has taken over Blizzard as Asmongold called the latest reports about missing breast milk “upsetting” and “uncomfortable.”

Breast Milk Disappeared from Blizzard, Victims Said

Much like Smeagol both loves and hates the one ring, so does popular streamer Asmongold both loves Blizzard’s unique constellation of titles but hates the company’s newly-discovered taste for getting in the middle of notorious s**t storms– especially when it concerns mistreating employees.

Asmongold was responding to reports that Blizzard employees had their breast milk stolen and had filed complaints with human resources. The streamer described the entire situating as “upsetting” and “uncomfortable” to read about.

Asmongold has not been known to hold back against Blizzard. Even though he’s an avid fan and keeps coming back to World of Warcraft and other Blizzard franchises, he is constantly let-down, or at the very least – has strongly-worded criticism to offer.

He took a look at the most recent allegations against Blizzard on Sunday and described the entire situation as very disconcerting. “Can’t even read this,” Asmongold said, not fully able to comprehend what he just read, and added:

“It’s so ridiculous. I don’t want to see this. This is so upsetting to me. There are some individuals that work at this company that make me feel uncomfortable.”


Asmongold added that he had hardly ever felt uncomfortable doing his streams, as the nature of the game had forced him to develop a thick skin – no more. He then imagined himself being in the victims’ position and visibly felt even worse.

When Is Too Many Scandals Enough?

The breast milk allegations are just the tip of the iceberg under which weight Blizzard is wobbling. Another employee said that that she had been demoted after reporting sexual harassment in the company.

Developers stealing breast milk from female employees is not something anyone should stand for. Blizzard has been at the very top of the pecking order for decades, but it has seemingly developed an evil culture that not even the top brass has been able to rein in.

As all of this is happening, Blizzard employees are trying to get people to GoFundMe a strike that will add to the pile of trouble that the company is facing.

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