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Published: February 10, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Valkyrie has received many nerfs in the past year but they all seem to be not enough
  • Playtesters have come out with conflicting information about any changes to the legend
  • The developers have not said anything officially yet

Valkyrie has long been the bane of many Apex Legends players, but as the game’s Class system looms closer, many are wondering if she will receive a huge nerf.

Are Devs Planning a Huge Valkyrie Nerf?

It’s expected that Apex Legend’s Season 16 will bring a ton of balance changes to the game that will likely shift the meta considerably. One major thing many players have been asking for is a nerf to Valkyrie, but it seems like their plight might go unheard once again. 

The character has been quite dominant on the battlefield ever since she was released in 2021, despite the several nerfs she has undergone until now. Many thought that Season 16 will bring yet another big nerf to the character, thoughts that have been supported by some playtesters. 

According to one of them, Thordan, the developers discussed removing Valyrie’s passive scan when redeploying, whether she’s using her ultimate or various environment tools. The idea behind these changes was to bring Valkyrie closer to the Skirmisher class which brought her and other legends from the category a new ping passive for high-value loot. 

However, some playtesters argue that this nerf was removed during later tests, while others argue it was back in a later playtest session. But considering Valkyrie has already received a bunch of unsuccessful nerfs over the past year, it won’t be surprising if she gets yet another one, considering Apex’s incoming class system

According to the information we have so far, many Skirmishers’ recon capacity will be relegated to legends of the future Recon class, such as Bloodhound, Seer, Vantage, and Crypto. They will get a boost to survey beacons thanks to their class.

Removing Valkyrie’s Recon passive could reduce her range of detection, or limit her passive to her ultimate redeployment. It would be a massive hit to her but that might just be the one thing that the legend needs to finally be balanced out properly. It’s still unclear what the developers will do so we will just have to wait and see what Season 16 brings us. 

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