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Published: July 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The ALGS is the second most talked about esports league on the platform
  • A large part of it is due to the popularity of the ALGS Championship finals
  • They surpass the Split Two Playoffs in terms of total hours watched

Online users are still hyped up about Apex Legends days after the end of the ALGS Championship.

Apex Takes Second Place in Popularity on Twitter

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship ended just a few days ago but the Internet is still super hyped about the event. Twitter, in particular, seems to be a hotspot for discussion surrounding it as the ALGS is the second most talked about esports league on the platform.

The global head of content and gaming content partnerships for Twitter, Rishi Chadha, noted that the ALGS is the second-most talked-about esports league on Twitter so far in 2022. This is the first time the league has made one of Chadha’s semi-regular Twitter round-ups, which track the tweets about regular and electronic esports events and teams.

The data shows the Apex Legends Global Series next to other big leagues like multiple League of Legends leagues, of which the CBLOL and LCK take first and third place respectively. The other leagues in the top five include the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League.

Why Is Apex So Talked About?

While Apex Legends has become one of the most popular modern FPS titles ever since it launched in 2019, the game cannot ride on past glory alone. If it was not for the ALGS Championship racking in a huge number of viewers, the league would not have been so widely discussed online. According to Esports Charts, the grand finals of the event reached a peak of more than 632 000 concurrent viewers.

While this number did not reach the peak number of 676 000 concurrent viewers at the Split Two Playoffs hit in May, it still does not mean the ALGS Championship finals did not perform better. This is because the finals managed to keep a stable number of viewers across all platforms, averaging about 290 000 people watching the event live.

These average views, coupled with a longer broadcasting time. meant that the Championship smashed the Split Two Playoffs in terms of total hours watched. The Split Two Playoffs finished with 9.6 million hours watched after the tournament, while the Championship clocked in at 11.2 million hours watched.

Now that Apex Legends is entering its third year of competitive play, and the interest in esports that rose significantly during the Covid-19 lockdowns seemingly still not fading away, it’s safe to say Apex will remain a stable part of the esports entertainment scene.

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