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Published: May 28, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legends Mobile launched just a week ago and is already very popular
  • A thriving esports scene is sure to soon be established
  • TSM wants to be ahead of the curve and has signed Apex veteran Sonho

TSM is aiming to be ahead of the competition by signing new players for their Apex Legends Mobile roster.

TSM Brings in Sonho

The much-anticipated mobile version of Apex Legends mobile recently launched and a staggering number of players are already duking it out on the game’s ten maps. With so much interest in an already very popular FPS franchise, it’s no wonder that esports organizations are looking to construct good competitive rosters.

One such org is TSM which recently signed Alexandre “Sonho” Luis Mostovoi in an attempt to get ahead of the rest. Sonho is a veteran of the PC Apex Legends game, as well as the broader FPS community. He even recently became Apex Mobile’s first Apex Predator, so it was a no-brainer for TSM to hire him.

As mentioned, Sonho’s experience spreads beyond Apex Legends. He was a successful player in Rules of Survival, a popular mobile battle royale that at one point, offered a $650,000 prize pool for its World Championship. Sonho is also a veteran Call of Duty Mobile player, who even managed to win first place in a $100 000 duos tournament last fall. The player’s extensive portfolio also extends beyond competitions, as he was once employed by Team Singularity as a content creator for Dead by Daylight Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

The Future of Apex Mobile esports

Having launched only last week, it’s understandable that Apex Legends has virtually no esports scene yet. However, other mobile shooters have great esports ecosystems and it would be expected that one will grow around Apex Mobile as well. The PC version of the game recently hit $2 billion in profits and EA’s CFO Chris Suh has stated that he hopes the Apex franchise will eventually gain $1 billion per year.

Apex Mobile is undoubtedly a part of the plan that should turn that dream into reality. The game saw over 15 million players pre-register and it became the most downloaded game on the App Store in 60 countries after launch.

Although Respawn Entertainment, Apex’s developer, has not yet announced anything about developing an esports scene for ALM, TSM remains confident. After all, the game’s rivals, like PUBG Mobile, already have a thriving competitive community, so it’s likely Apex Legends Mobile will follow soon.

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