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Published: February 6, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • TSM had an almost perfect run from the very beginning
  • The last confrontation against Acent was especially epic
  • Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen won the MVP award at the London event

TSM dominated everyone through the whole weekend at the Apex Legends Global Series Split One Playoffs and rightfully lifted the trophy above their heads in the end.

TSM Win the ALGS

This weekend saw some of the most intense matches in Apex competitive history at the Apex Legends Global Series Split One Playoffs. However, at the end of the day, the event, which was held in London, could have just one winner: TSM, who swooped away with the trophy and a $300 000 check. 

Perhaps TSM’s victory should not come as a surprise, considering the team came really strong in the tournament. From finishing in first place at the end of the Group Stage to qualifying for Finals through the Winners Bracket, all other team’s eyes were turned towards the North American squad, who was to be the biggest enemy to slay. 

TSM continued that trend into their final match as well. The deciding match of the finals began with four teams on match point, but seven more squads within nine points of joining match point status themselves. TSM had taken an early lead alongside with NRG, Acend, and XSET. With such stiff competition against them, TSM rotated early to Thunder Watch from their all POI on Storm Point, and took position inside the Thunder Watch building. 

But the squad needed more freedom of movement to avoid getting forced into a small choke or out of doorways as the circle closed in. To avoid this, TSM performed a perfect Horizon push onto the roof of the building when they heard a fight break out above them. It turns out that XSET was involved in said fight, which TSM quickly disposed of. 

TSM’s next victims were Fnatic and Luminosity, who both were grinding away at each other. Using Verhulst’s Valkyrie ultimate to dive down on top of the two squads, TSM quickly cleared up the opposition and took up residence in the best spot in the final circle. The stage was set for the final showdown of the game, which saw Acend, the only remaining team, go up against the future winners of the Playoffs. A quick but fair 3vs3 fight ensued of which TSM emerged victorious.

The Final Showdown Begins

But Acend were not just going to roll over as K4SHERA snuck up to their rock, getting a free 60 damage onto ImperialHal to open the fight. But almost at the same time, Verhulst responded by attacking K4SHERA while ImperialHal rose to the top of his Horizon Gravity Lift and nearly one-clipped PostKiLL as the Acend player tried to advance to join the fight. Acend’s two players quickly fell by TSM’s hand, leaving only Lufka to take the brunt of TSM’s attack.

This victory was a show of how much TSM has grown since coach raven joined the organization. ImperialHal emerged as the clear MVP from the tournament, becoming the first player to win an international tournament with both a controller and keyboard. To cement this, he walked off with the MVP award at the London Playoffs.

The Apex Legends Global Series Split One Playoffs saw many other great performances from Acend, NRG, and XSET, but TSM was the only one that could be crowned winners.

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