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Published: March 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • EA has announced that the ALGS EMEA will make a return on March 23
  • The company is bullish on having the region catch up to the rest of the world
  • It is yet to be seen if many CIS players will be able to take a part in the event

EA announced the return of the ALGS in EMEA and revealed that it plans to have the region catch up in a few days.

EA Will Try to Have ALGS EMEA Catch Up

Electronic Arts will resume the Apex Legends Global Series in the EMEA region. The esports competition is scheduled to return on March 23 and will try to catch up with the other regions in a few days.

To make that possible, the ALGS EMEA will see teams play for six days in a row, with multiple games taking place at the same time. Other regions will also try to catch up to the original schedule and will play in two consecutive weekend days to make up for the delay caused by the Russian attack in Ukraine.

EMEA teams have some tiring times ahead of them as they will have to play a lot to keep up with the ALGS schedule. CIS players will have an even harder time as many of them had to quit Ukraine and Russia and are still trying to sort their lives out. Ukrainians have gotten the worst of it – not only is the future of their country uncertain, but they also have to deal with starting a new life after leaving most of their belongings back in Ukraine. Many need to find new gaming hardware as not everyone could afford to take their PC with them.

While Russia is not getting invaded, many already feel the disastrous effect of Western sanctions on the local economy. This has prompted countless Russians to flee to other countries, such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Much Remains Uncertain As of Now

The Apex Legends Global Series seems to plan an international playoff event as a culmination of the second Split, which explains why it is so bullish on having EMEA catch up to the rest of the world. However, this may prove impossible because of the war and the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, EA has yet to announce official dates for the Split Two playoffs.

The same uncertainty applies to the Challenger Circuit, Apex’s tier-two esports league. The event’s future in EMEA is still undecided but many suspect that the tournament series will not be making a return at this time.

It is good to hear that the Global Series will make a return in Europe but fans would do best not to get their hopes up as the logistical challenges may end up with many teams and players dropping out of the race. Everything is still very uncertain but hopefully, EA has thought things through and is prepared for any complications that may arise.

The easiest way to see what happens is to follow the EMEA league as it returns tomorrow.

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