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Published: December 8, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Apex Legends has issued bans on 2,051 for cheating and teaming up with their enemies
  • The majority of exploiters come from the PS4 community, as evidenced by community figurehead Hideouts
  • The length of the bans varies from a week to two months

Trying to exploit Apex Legends and team up with the enemy has seen over 2,000 people banned from the game.

Hideouts Reported The Ban Wave

Trying to cheat the system has gotten over 2,000 Apex Legends players under the ban hammer, as the developers have taken action against players who team up with their enemies in competitive games.

Conor “Hideouts” Ford, a prominent community figurehead who is known as an ardent anti-cheating activist, announced the ban wave on Twitter, revealing that trying to exploit the game has resulted in the restriction of 2,051 accounts.

Out of those players, Hideouts reports, PlayStation 4 cheaters seem to make up almost a half of the total number, sitting at 859. PC players are close behind with 607 restricted accounts. The Xbox community has seen 562 people receive a ban. Last in line is the Nintendo Switch with only 22 people getting account restrictions.

Cheaters Got Up to Two Months of Ban

The varied offenses people have been banned for include both using third-party software to cheat the game and teaming up with the enemy to gain the edge over other players. Most notably, the latter players were seen using the infamous mobile respawn beacon exploit where one team would continuously respawn an enemy to farm them for kills.

Each of those accounts will receive a varying degree of punishment, depending on their players’ involvement in fraudulent activities. First-time cheaters may get away easily with just a week of being barred from the game as a warning. Repeated exploiters may, on the other hand, be banned for as long as two months.

Although people are generally happy to see that action is being taken, many believe that the issued bans are not as harsh as they should be. People in Hideouts’ comments even went as far as demanding permanent bans for the fraudulent players.

This sentiment is understandable as cheaters have been spreading like the plague, especially in free-to-play games such as Apex Legends. One of its main competitors, Call of Duty: Warzone, has struggled with cheaters for several months straight, forcing the developers to release a new anti-cheat system with the release of Vanguard. One of Apex’s more recent competitors, Halo Infinite, has seen cheaters as early as week one of its release, with the problem seemingly becoming more severe as time goes on.

Hopefully, responsible players will continue reporting fraud and prominent community members such as Hideouts will continue working for the betterment of the game.

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