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Published: September 16, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Rumors circulate that TL and EA have a conflict regarding team-themed skins
  • They are fueled by TL’s sudden and unexpected decision
  • “We did not get the treatment that we needed as a team,” says TL in-game leader

Team Liquid suddenly allowing its roster to seek new representation for the next season of the ALGS fuels speculation of conflict between the organization and EA. 

Rumors of Conflict between EA and TL

The end of the Apex Legends Global Series is fast approaching and it will mark the end of the second successful year of the tournament series, However, it seems that not everyone is going to end the series on a positive note, as recent reports have suggested EA has a conflict with some of the biggest Apex esports organizations.

As EA is revealing its plans for ALGS Year 3, tensions seem to be brewing between it and several organizations over an agreement to bring org-themed skins into Apex. The problem, which was reported by Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky, is that it seems EA wants to implement the skins without giving revenue to the organizations. 

These rumors are fueled by the fact that one of the biggest names in professional Apex – Team Liquid – has allowed its players to “search for new representation during the upcoming ALGS season as restricted free agents.” The organization notes that this decision was taken due to other reasons, and not because the team members are not performing well.

Is Team Liquid Looking To Leave the ALGS?

The esports organization has not officially addressed the rumors nor has it talked about what the “circumstances in other titles” that made them allow their roster to seek new employment are. However, the fact that Team Liquid so suddenly wants to seemingly move away from the ALGS, especially considering the org already has one of the best NA teams, seems suspicious. 

Team Liquid’s members seem to support the rumors that TL wants to leave Apex. Shortly after Jake Lucky’s report, Team Liquid’s in-game leader Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer suggested in one of his streams that the team “did not get the treatment that we needed”, not mentioning EA.

What is not clear, however, is whether this treatment was from Liquid, EA, or another entity. But later on, the IGL said that TL treated him very well over the course of his three years with the organization, so perhaps he was initially referring to EA.

If EA did in fact plan to release team-based skins without paying royalties to the relevant organizations, it’s understandable why Team Liquid could not be happy. A larger problem arises that if the two organizations do not come to an agreement, this may set a precedent for other teams to leave the ALGS. 

So far this doesn’t seem to be the case, but as the break between competitive season approaches, we may see more organizations allow their rosters to look for new opportunities.

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