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Published: December 22, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Apex’ lag abuse issues are a long-standing problem
  • Players sometimes abuse the lag to gain an unfair advantage in non-native servers
  • Respawn is looking at potential solutions to the problem

Apex players often play in non-native servers to avoid cheaters or use lag as their advantage. Others are complaining, so Respawn is taking a closer look at the problem.

Players Abuse the Game’s Lag

When it comes to high-level competition in many games, players would sometimes use their high ping as an unfair disadvantage. This can be done when a player from a specific region plays in another region, to which he or she doesn’t have the greatest of connection, due to the physical distances involved.

This problem has also been seen at the highest levels of Apex Legends’ ranked mode. It was a long-argued debate, and now Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developers, have announced that they are working to improve the game’s net code and testing region lock.

A Long-Standing Problem

Some players, who have in the past reached the game’s rank one Apex Predator position, have been accused of abusing the system of servers, by playing in places considered “weaker”. These concerns have been made more prominent in the Apex community after several top players have recently complained about it.

The problem is that high ping makes players lag or teleport mid-fight, making them harder to kill. Other players have complained that competing against lagging players is simply not fun.

There are many reasons why players prefer to play in different regions, but one of them is cheaters. In some regions, like Asia, cheaters are quite prominent, so players tend to emigrate to European or NA servers just to find a lobby without hackers.

Recently, Respawn released various statistics of players’ performance this year. This included interesting data on latency and datacenters that Respawn has been testing the past few weeks. They acknowledged many players want to play outside their native regions to escape from cheaters.

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