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Published: September 20, 2021

Written by: David

  • Apex Legends streamer is caught streaming red-handed
  • The community reacts with a mix of meanness and ridicule
  • Reddit streamers had to step in and suspend the discussion

A Twitch viewer caught an Apex Legends streamer cheating, prompting a lively discussion on Reddit, which quickly turn a more ominous turn.

Apex Legends Cheater Busted by Conscientious Player

Apex Legends is not without its pains when it comes to cheaters. With so many F2P shooters to go around, Apex Legends has not been spared the bane of fraudsters. Yet, not all hackers are able to pull it off, and skilled and observant community members are often able to pin the cheaters down and give them hell. To a hacker, getting outsmarted is definitely an embarrassment and a Reddit user recorded and posted a video of how a Twitch streamer had a hacker interface on.

Yet, the user was simply recording another person’s Twitch stream in which the hacker was demonstrating their “wallhacking skills,” in World’s Edge to a select audience. As the Redditor caught glimpse of the Twitch streamer, the hacker tried to quickly disconnect his cheating software, but that only brought up the other menus that provided assorted options to enable distinct cheating options such as “wallhacks,” and “draw a skeleton,” “draw items” and “aim snap.”

Cheating Is No Excuse to Attack People Physically

Realizing that their stream had been visited by an “outside party,” the hacker hurriedly tried to cover their deed up, but as it turned out, they were not quick enough. The discussion boards in the /r/ApexLegends board exploded with people using uncivil language to express how they felt about the hacker.

“You need to be a different breed of stupid to cheat and stream you cheating,” one comment read. “This dude’s mind is running slower than Internet Explorer,” another one chided. Soon though, people started to rally and call for action against the streamer, even looking him up personally and identifying his place of residence.

A moderator had to step in and issue a stern reprimand to users, removing the post from the sub-Reddit. Cheaters should be dealt with, but understandably, calling for punishment beyond the realms of Apex Legends is a dangerous precedent and one that should be dealt with just as swiftly as with cheaters.

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