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Published: April 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex has seen an influx of hackers since the launch of Season 16
  • NICKMERCS explains why developer Respawn Entertainment should quickly solve the issue
  • He’s even said before that hackers should face jail time for cheating

After hackers frustrated NICKMERCS to the point of ending a stream prematurely, he went on to explain that the game’s devs should immediately implement a new anti-cheat system.

NICKMERCS Addresses Apex Developers

Apex Legends’ Season 16 is in full swing, but it looks like the game is suffering from some serious hacker problems. The game has come under fire in recent weeks because of a wave of cheaters it has been suffering from. Players have demanded developer Respawn Entertainment incorporate some of Call of Duty’s anti-cheat measures because the problem has not shown signs of going away. While Respawn has implemented some new things to the game with the arrival of the new season, the changes to Ranked have seemingly not only been made worse by the influx of cheaters.

One vocal critic of how Respawn is handling the hacker situation is the popular online content creator NICKMERCS. Although initially creating his fan base by playing various CoD, the streamer switched to Apex Legends back in 2021 and has become one of the game’s most popular critics. 

He has obviously noticed the huge influx of hackers that came with the arrival of Apex’s newest season and has been quite vocal about it during the past few weeks. It seems that all of this tension has finally boiled over as in a recent stream, the Twitch star became so fed up with the issue that he ended his broadcast early. “I’m not doing it chat, I’m not doing it again tonight. They’re not going to freeze the lobby, aimbot me, the whole f*cking night,” NICKMERCS said before signing in early for the night.

After leaving his party, NICKMERCS went on an impromptu rant about the whole situation with Apex’s cheating problem, saying he hopes the devs finally realize it and do something about it. “Call of Duty is down bad, nobody wants to play that sh*t right now, you’ve got a lot of people coming over to Apex to try out the new stuff,” the streamer explained. “Now is not the time for an influx of cheaters and DDoSers. It’s not the time.”

This is not the first time the Twitch star has gone on rambling against cheaters in Apex. Most recently, NICKMERCS wrote on Twitter that hackers should be sent to jail. Albeit this is perhaps an exaggeration, it’s understandable to see where the streamer’s feelings are coming from. 

So far, Respawn has not talked much about Apex’s current wave of hackers, leaving players with uncertain hopes that something will be done soon to address the issue.

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