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Published: April 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The popular streamer has been calling for some serious punishments in a recent rant
  • Many fans and fellow content creators seem to agree with NICKMERCS
  • Some suggested a saner approach of having digital records for players who cheat

After a period of constantly stumbling upon many cheaters in Apex Legends, popular Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has had it enough and is calling for harsh punishments for hackers.

NICKMERCS Wants Harsh Punishment

An unfortunate constant of almost all large multiplayer games is the presence of hackers, who often absolutely ruin the experience for all other players. Apex Legends is no exception to that rule, with the game being flooded by cheaters frequently, despite developer Respawn Entertainment constantly issuing waves of mass bans.

The cheating has apparently gotten so bad recently that one popular Apex player in particular, NICKMERCS, had enough and is calling for hackers to be jailed. The popular Twitch streamer has been encountering more and more cheaters, perhaps fascinated by the fact people can stream snipe him.

In a recent heated rant, the often animated streamer took a general swipe at game cheaters, going as far as to say that they should be behind bars. “If you cheat and hack in games, you should… be sent to jail,” NICKMERCS wrote in a recent Twitter post. “I know the majority of y’all are busy touching grass and shit, that’s lit, super happy for ya. But your boy just spent 20 hours getting hacked on in online video games and I’ve had enough.”

Although NICKMERCS’ statement might be a bit far-fetched, it gained quite a lot of traction on Twitter. Many liked the post, while other top-tier battle royale players like DrLupo, Tfue, and iiTzTimmy also seem to support the popular Twitch streamer’s rant. In fact, the latter suggested an alternative to NICKMERCS’ out-there suggestion.

Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An said that instead of sending cheaters to prison, every gamer should have a gamer profile linked to every title. The player would not be allowed to make another profile, so if they cheat, this would be digitally recorded permanently to their profile. It seems that ever since the 22-year-old player returned to competitive Apex Legends last month, he has also struggled with meeting an excess of cheaters in the game.

Meanwhile, NICKMERS did not respond to iiTzTimmy’s suggestion, nor has he elaborated on his own. Although a lot of his fans and fellow content creators resonated with his frustration with cheaters, many said his rant is an overreaction to the recent influx of cheaters in Apex. Some fans said that NICKMERCS should just “deal with it” since he’s more susceptible to stream sniping because he is a popular creator.

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