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Published: December 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The weapons will also come with a new map and game modes, according to the leaker
  • They are supposedly going to be released sometime “next year”
  • Apex devs have said nothing about the leak yet

The drought of weapons in Apex Legends might soon be over if a recent leak turns out to be true. 

Leak Suggests New Weapons Are Coming

We are well into the festive season and Apex Legends fans are enjoying what the game’s Holiday season-themed event is offering. However, the community might be in for another good surprise if some recent rumors turn out to be true. According to a leak posted by Thordan on December 19, the game is up for some big changes. 

It seems that Apex’s next update will introduce special “dual-wielding pistols” alongside the next map. Apex might also receive a weapon that was accidentally leaked last year but has not yet been added to the game. If the information in this current leak turns out to be true, then it will finally be the end of the weapon drought that seems to have plagued Apex. 

The game hasn’t received any new weapons since last year. The last gun to be added to the game was the C.A.R. SMG which was introduced alongside season 11 in November 2021, which also added the legend Ash and the Storm Point map. It marked a complete change of pace at the time since a new weapon was released almost every new season beforehand. 

According to Thordan, the update will arrive “next year”, although they did not specify if they have information on an exact or approximate date. It appears the patch will target Titanfall fans as it will introduce a map from the license, as well as wall running, and the aforementioned “dual-wielding pistols.”

Weapons aren’t the only things that are coming to the game, according to the leak. Players can also expect new arcade modes, the removal of Arenas game mode, a Storm Point update, and a new legend coming to the game. Of course, this information is subject to change, and since the Apex devs have not yet confirmed anything, we cannot be 100% certain these features will come to the game. 

Fans have also been discussing the probability of these changes coming to the game. Some have put into question the reliability of the information given by Thordan, but the overall consensus is that they are a reliable leaker. Ultimately, we will just have to wait and see if the Apex weapon drought will soon be over.

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