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Published: July 28, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • More information surfaces about the upcoming changes to Apex’s Skull Town
  • Several prominent features of the map will be removed
  • Fans express concerns about these changes

With the nearing of Apex Legends’ Season 14, more leaks are showing what kind of controversial changes are coming to the game’s Skull Town map.

More Leaks Are Surfacing

Most Apex fans would be very well aware of the copious amount of leaked information and teasers that have been surrounding the game’s upcoming Season 14. Because of this, a lot of players know that Skull Town is returning to Kings Canyons, but this is not the only proposed map change.

First off, we saw magazine teasers in Lifeline’s Clinic that said the Kings Canyon salvage operation was complete. Later, we saw a glimpse of the map in the trailer for the Gaiden event and now there are pictures of Skull Town in the promotional images for Season 14.

The revamped Skull Town map is going to be the centerpiece of the Season 14 changes, it seems. However, some other leaks have suggested that The Cage, Market, and other places in the center of the map will receive changes.

What Kind of Changes Are Coming to Skull Town?

Needless to say, the internet is very excited and the ApexUncivered subreddit has been bussing with discussions about the leaks. One Reddit user by the name of MaxUKBG compiled all of the rumored and leaked changes and even compiled a new minimap. It shows several chokepoints blocked up or destroyed, while others are widened or made more accessible.

We can see the changes to Cage clearly, as its upper levels have been removed to prevent the POI from becoming a contest of who can land at the top the quickest. Additionally, Hillside Outpost has been completely erased.

The caves outside of the Market have also undergone significant changes. Many of the routes and checkpoints have been changed. It seems that the narrow pathways between the cliffs in the center of the map, as well as the respawn beacon that was once there, have also been completely deleted.

However, it seems these changes have not been well received by players as both Reddit and Twitter users have expressed concerns. Even some pros and content creators have said that removing some of these spots removes potential landing spots and loot from the game.

It is also still unknown how the loot situation will sort itself out with the addition of new POIs and the removal of old ones. But since these leas are widely talked about, Respawn Entertainment is most likely keeping an eye out for fans’ opinions, so when the new season drops on August 9, we might see even more changes.

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