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Published: December 26, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The news comes alongside the leak of the new legend Ballistic
  • It seems the game will have at least two new classes – skirmisher and control
  • It’s expected existing characters will be shifted around in the new system

Apex Legends fans have more reason to be excited for the game’s future as yet another leak this week suggests some game-changing features coming to the shooter.

More Leaks Surface This Weak

Apex Legends has always had a simple way to categorize its characters – legends with shields or other area control objects are designated as the defensive class, characters with scan abilities are the recon class, and legends that just deal a lot of damage are called the assault class. Although this is a simple system, it’s useful and it works, but it doesn’t mean anything special when it comes to the characters themselves.

However, a recent character leak suggests that this soon may all change. This week, Apex fans were delighted to see that a new legend, Ballistic, is coming to the game sometime in the future. The discussion surrounded the character himself, but the leaks also contained the legends of Apex re-organized into different classes, with a few completely new classes that aren’t currently in the game.

Although the original assault, recon, and support classes are all still there, some characters like Gibraltar and Newcastle have joined the support cast. Elsewhere, we can see new classes like control and skirmisher appear. The former is made up largely of legends that used to be branded in the defensive category, like Wattson, Caustic, Rampart, and Catalyst. Meanwhile, the latter class seems to feature characters with a lot of “movement” like Wraith and Valkyrie. 

What Will This Mean for the Game?

Considering this is a leak, we cannot be 100% sure that this new classification will be released in the way it’s currently described. But if it does, it will mean a huge shift in the way the characters are played. Currently, the recon class only has four characters in it: Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Vantage.

If the changes happen, this would mean that the number of characters that can scan survey beacons will be limited. It’s also unknown if this will remain the class ability of recon characters or if that is subject to change, similarly to the leaked change to the assault class that lets those characters store more ammo in their inventories.

The leaks also suggest that Pathfinder is up for a rework. He hasn’t been all that popular on the professional scene, but he still remains one of Apex’s most popular characters across all levels of play due to his movement options. But despite one’s personal level of play, the change will most likely spell a significant switch up in players’ playstyles. Overall, in addition to the rumors that new weapons may be coming to Apex, it’s been an eventful week for the game with a ton of leaks suggesting a ton of changes to come in the near future.

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