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Published: April 13, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • IiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and NICKMERCS’s performance at the Challenger Circuit has earned them a place at the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier
  • A total of 22 teams will battle for a chance to go to the biggest Apex event of the year
  • More gaming personalities have also qualified for the event, which will make the competition even more intense

IiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and NICKMERCS have qualified for the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier and will enter a heated competition for a spot at the ALGS Year 2 Championship.

Famous Streamers Get a Shot at the ALGS Championship

The Apex Legends scene is more competitive than ever as even some of the biggest names in Apex streaming still struggle to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship. Famous names such as iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and NICKMERCS have just qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier, thanks to their performance in the ALGS Challenger Circuit.

The latter is a lower division circuit consisting of four consecutive tournaments. This year’s edition enjoyed an impressive viewership thanks to the presence of so many notable gaming personalities. The main broadcast peaked at over 100,000 concurrent viewers.

The Challenger Circuit will send 22 teams to the Last Chance Qualifier where iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and NICKMERCS, among others, will lock horns, as each of them hopes to secure a spot at the ALGS Championship. The best twelve Challenger Circuit teams will comprise the LCQ’s winner’s bracket, while the rest will form the loser’s bracket.

How the Streamers Got Here

SHEEEEEEESH, the team consisting of iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and Apryze struggled to qualify for the winner’s bracket during the Challenger Circuit. Despite eventually making it, the team’s journey wasn’t without hurdles. Most of the challenges come from NiceWigg’s internet which caused him to get disconnected from the game. Luckily, despite the difficulties, SHEEEEEEESH managed to take up the 12th winner’s bracket spot.

Tripods, the team consisting of NICKMERCS, Deeds and Lewda had a much easier time than SHEEEEEEESH. The players had a consistent performance which quickly got their team qualified for the Challenger Circuit finals and eventually earned them the fifth place in the event and a secure spot in the Last Chance Qualifier’s winner’s bracket.

iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg  and NICKMERCS aren’t the only pro players who will appear at the LCQ. Other famous personalities, such as TSM FTX’s Noko will also take part in the tournament, making the struggle for a spot at the ALGS Challenger Circuit even more intense.

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