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Published: March 4, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder become Apex’s most popular legends this season
  • Pathfinder dominates the charts as the best Master/Predators legend
  • This is largely due to his increased maneuverability

Thanks to the many buffs Pathfinder received in Apex’s Season 16, he has become one of the most south-after legends in the game’s current meta.

New Season Brings New Meta

Apex Legend’s Season 16 has been a massive hit, with the new update bringing in a ton of changes such as big legend rebalancing, ?new legend classes, as well as the arrival of the much-anticipated deathmatch mode. But as it often happens after such big updates, the meta changes, and certain characters pop up above the rest. 

Season 16 is no exception to the rule and we already have definitive answers about which legends have become the player base’s favorites. When it comes to the most popular legends for Master/Predators in the newest patch, Pathfinder emerges as the clear winner. With a 19.3% pick rate, according to Apex Legends Stats, the legend is followed by Wraith and Bangalore, both of whom have about a 12% pick rate. 

Things look just slightly different if we adjust our search to all ranks. With a pick rate of 11.3% we would see that Octane becomes the clear winner across all ranks. However, Wraith and Pathfinder follow close buy with 11.2% and 10.5% respectively, meaning both legends remain super popular in the Season 16 meta.

Why Is Pathfinder So Popular?

It’s clear that the legend has become the platers’ favorite and when taking into consideration he had a serious buff this season, it’s easy to see why. Pathfinder is also a lot of fun to play if one can master his high-skill ceiling, and with the latest buff, players are more interested in playing Pathfinder.

Apex Legend’s new class system also plays a huge role in Pathfinder’s gameplay changes. The legend’s passive ability is no longer tied to Survey Beacons because he’s not a Recon legend. Instead, as a Skirmisher, Pathfinder gets some passive benefits like a 10-second Ultimate cooldown reduction when he reveals Care Packages with his Skirmisher ability.

Furthermore, Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun Ultimate range has increased by roughly 60%. The legend’s max speed has also increased by a similar amount, making him an incredibly mobile legend that can easily traverse different map rotations.

All of this helps the legend become more popular, as if the players are creative, they can make Pathfinder very fun to play while being super effective in ranked Apex matches.

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