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Published: November 5, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • EA has seen remarkable second-quarter earnings thanks to the performance of its games
  • Apex Legends alone has seen a 150% revenue increase compared to last year
  • Some predict that the game will soon earn a billion per year

Electronic Arts (EA) has reported its second strongest fiscal year quarter ever thanks to the amazing performance of Apex Legends.

Apex on the Way to 1B Per Year

Game developer Electronic Arts has reported record earnings for the year. According to the company, the second quarter of this fiscal year has been its second strongest quarter ever. The staggering results are in huge part thanks to EA’s two giants – FIFA and Apex Legends.

Apex Legends in particular has seen an impressive 150% year-to-year increase in revenue. Not only that but the title stands as the one with the most in-game purchases made than any other EA game. The amount of microtransactions has been further fueled by the two new collection events that EA ran recently.

Translating this into numbers, Apex has earned a grand total of $1.6 billion. Industry analysts predict that the game may soon reach an income of $1 billion a year. The success of its titles has led EA to increase its revenue targets for 2021 by $225 million. The company is currently expecting to get a total of $7.65 billion by the end of the year.

EA Continues Overperforming

EA’s chief executive officer, Andrew Wilson, spoke about the success of Apex Legends’ tenth season. Wilson pointed out that season 10 has engaged the most players since the game’s release.

This not only applies to people playing the game but also to those who watch Apex Legends content on Twitch – between seasons 9 and 10, Apex Legends content has seen a 40% increase in viewership on the streaming platforms. Translating this into numbers, fans have collectively watched over 130 million hours of content during the game’s tenth season.

Lastly, Wilson mentioned the prospects of expanding the game’s team in order to release more content at a faster pace. The CEO didn’t confirm this is the plan but didn’t rule it out as a possibility either.

“Could we deliver more content? Possibly. Does that make sense? Maybe,” he concluded.

EA continues to stand as one of the most influential gaming companies despite some controversies it has been involved in. Although some fans and analysts think EA’s monetization model is rather predatory at times, the company’s games continue driving record engagement.

It is likely that EA’s earnings will skyrocket once Apex Mobile sees its worldwide release in 2022. The game is currently being tested in a few markets.

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