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Published: April 29, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Stockholm LAN will mark Apex Legend’s return to in-person events after two years
  • Cloud9’s in-game leader might not be able to attend due to a positive Covid test
  • There is a small chance for Zach if his test on Friday turns out negative

Cloud9’s Zach Mazer might not be able to attend the Stockholm LAN event due to him testing positive for Covid-19.

Zach Tests Positive for the Virus

Two years after the Covid-19 pandemic started, putting many difficulties on the conducting of in-person esports events, it seems it still does that sometimes. Yet another prominent Apex Legends pro might miss the $1 million Stockholm LAN event this weekend. Cloud9’s in-game leader Zach Mazer was confirmed on Wednesday he has Covid.

The pro will most likely not be able to attend the event, as the Stockholm LAN has a very strict Covid protocol, barring anyone from attending if they test positive. The organizers require everyone participating in the tournament to test daily. The event will mark the circuit’s return to in-person competition after more than two years away. Luckily, however, it seems that Zach does not have serious symptoms and seems to be in high spirits, judging by his Twitter post regarding the subject.

Zach has had two vaccines already, likely contributing to the fact his symptoms are negligible. He also stated he had been very careful with his exposure to others. However, Zach has had to travel in an atmosphere that has suddenly become lax regarding health and safety. The host country Sweden dropped all its Covid restrictions at the beginning of April and many travel agencies don’t require the use of masks. Despite being vaccinated, people can still be carriers of the virus, even if they do not suffer any negative effects.

Zach Might Have a Small Chance

There’s a small chance that Zach might still be able to participate. As one commenter under Zach’s Twitter post suggested, the two tests he’s taken might have been a double positive. This is a rare but not impossible case. Zach will have to take a test on Friday as well, and in the highly unlikely variant that turns out to be negative, he will be allowed to play this weekend. Teams are allowed a substitute if anyone on the starting roster cannot play, with Cloud9 registering their coach, Jamison “PVPX” Moore, as their fourth.

Zach isn’t the only high-level professional that has a positive test for Covid. Earlier this week, Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose, Reignite’s control player, also tested positive for the virus. However, on Thursday he announced he tested negative, which would allow him to play on the weekend, giving hope for Zach’s case.

While Zach might not be able to attend the event, at least it’s due to Covid, and not being stuck in a warzone. Other players aren’t so lucky, like Ukraine’s Apex pros not being able to attend the Stockholm LAN due to the country’s martial law because of the ongoing war with Russia.

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