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Published: June 3, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legend’s Season 13 launched three weeks ago and with it came a ton of new bugs
  • Players have been experiencing severe issues with hits not properly registering
  • Custom game lobbies have also not been working correctly since Season 13 launched

With the Global Series Championship a month away, Apex Legends players have been complaining of many bugs in the game.

Players Encounter Many Hit Registration Bugs

With every major update a game receives, a ton of bugs often follow, and Apex Legends is no exception to that. The game is well into its season 13, the one that included the new legend Newcastle, yet bugs are still persistent nearly three weeks after the season’s launch. This time around, bugs regarding hit registration are the bane of many players.

The concept is simple: it’s a communication between a player’s game and the server. Hit registration means that when a player hits an enemy, the server registers this and the target takes the corresponding damage associated with the hits. However, Apex currently has difficulties registering hits reliably all the time.

Many players have been com0laining about this, and this includes former TSM coach Martin “gdolphn” Skrydstrup. He captured and shared a moment where hit registration went out of sync. In the video, we can see and even hear the sound of shots hitting an enemy Wraith, however, the actual damage doesn’t register from an entire magazine of gdolphn’s Havoc rifle.

What Could Be Causing These Issues?

Despite Apex Legends breaking its own concurrent player record soon after the launch of Season 13, the game is still experiencing issues three weeks after.

Sometimes bad internet connection can be the root of problems like this, but this does not seem to be the case for Apex. Gdolphn showed his game’s technical performance numbers in the top right and his game hovers right around 20 ping for the entire fight. Many other players also support Gdolphn’s findings, saying the issue isn’t due to any one player’s internet connection.

Wraith wasn’t chosen at random for this demonstration, as Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developer, already had to address some issues with the legend. Wraith has phase abilities that are supposed to make her invulnerable, but she was recorded to sometimes still take damage when using them.

On top of hit registration problems, Apex has also had many issues with custom lobbies not working properly since the launch of Season 13.

These bugs are obviously annoying to any player, but the problem is especially evident when it comes to competitive play. Competitive integrity is massively important in the professional scene, and with the $2 million Apex Legends Global Series Championship happening in just over a month, Respawn will have to iron out these kinks soon.

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