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Published: January 7, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • A new issue with the Bangalore skin in Apex Legends has been crashing people’s games
  • The issue has bene confirmed by Respawn who are looking on the problem
  • The problem impacts teammates as well and Respawn is still looking into the crash as of January 7

Respawn are looking into an issue that makes Apex Legends’ players’ game crashes inexplicably. The bug has been tied to the newly released Bangalore skin.

Bangalore Takes Down the Apex Legends Client Down

Skins breaking a game client is not exactly new. In fact, there are many instances in video games where something as simple as a cosmetic detail could mess up with the engine that powers the entire game. This is precisely what happened in Apex Legends when the developers released the new Bangalore skin, which resulted in crashing the game.

The bug was first reported by a Reddit user, ConnerTheCrusader, who was unable to access anything game past the intro after equipping the Bangalore skin. The user explained his trouble in a post with a complimentary video:

“I tried (to play Apex Legends) 3 times, the moment the custom intro starts, your game crashes.” They also shared a video of the crash, which occurs at the character select screen after you equip the Bangalore skin. The resulting error message read: “There is a problem processing game logic, please try again”.


Devs Aware and on the Issue

A developer quickly replied to the thread and added that the company is already working on a solution for the unpleasant issue.

Keeping tabs on the issue, Respawn quickly posted on Twitter and informed the community that they had discovered an issue with Mil-Spec skin that crashes the game client if they had Bangalore equipped. A workaround has been suggested, though:

“If you load back into the game, you’ll still connect and be able to play. We’re working to fix this as soon as we can.”

However, the bug seems to impact teammates as well. The Bangalore skin enjoyed a warm reception at first but is now shunned because of the inherent problems with it. Respawn, though, is looking to sort out the issue promptly. In the meantime, you may want to wait up a bit for the problem to be solved before you try to purchase the skin which costs 1,800 Apex Coins.

The Bangalore skin has been temporarily disabled, Respawn said in a January 6 update, along with the Rampage and Sentinel weapons due to an exploit.

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