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Published: March 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players’ Collection Event reward tracker is getting blocked at 1 250 points
  • This means they will not be able to obtain higher rewards, even if they grind
  • It’s unknown how exactly Respawn will compensate affected players

Respawn Entertainment explained that the issue with the Collection Event tracker would not be fixed before the end of the event on March 22

Apex’s Current Season has More Issues

We are well into the newest season of Apex Legends and players are busy grinding away for exclusive skins in the Imperial Guard Collection event. However, it looks like Respawn Entertainment has made some mistakes that impede the players’ progress in the event. For some time now, there has been an issue blocking rewords, and further complications have arisen since. 

Apex players have been complaining for days that their Collection Event reward tracker is getting blocked at 1 250 points. No matter how much they play, the tracker will simply not read any further progress. Unfortunately for them, the latest news from Respawn does not fill fans with hope that the issue will be fixed soon. 

The studio announced on Twitter yesterday that they are working to solve the problem, but it will not be fixed before the end of the event, which is set for March 22. Even if players complete more challenges, they won’t progress through the tracker and won’t be able to claim the last rewards of the event.

Because of this issue, players will not be able to claim two Rare Apex packs and one Epic pack. These are the most valuable free rewards they can get from the Collection Event. Respawn has not yet commented on what it plans to do about the negatively affected players. 

What Happens Now?

Many players said Respawn should just extend the event past March 22, but the studio has denied it will do so. Other players suggested the company should just give the rewards to affected players, but it’s highly unlikely Respawn would do so. 

There is one hope for players, however, as despite the tracker not going up, the progress might still be processed. If this is the case, players will likely obtain their rewards after the event concludes, but we are not sure if progress is still tracked on Respawn’s servers.

Issues seem to be prevalent in this current Apex season. The bugs we are discussing here are not the only ones plaguing the game in recent weeks. Connections issues have also troubled a vast majority of fans, with players arguing Apex is unplayable due to server issues. Respawn is aware of the issue but has not said much about how or when they plan to fix it.

At least there has been some good news about players who have missed the Imperial Guard’s first epic Apex pack. Many were not able to take the pack due to a bug, but that was already fixed and affected players will receive their pack this weekend. It’s possible Apex’s other current issues will be handled in the same way.

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