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Published: May 9, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex shows its newest legend’s abilities in an amazing trailer
  • Newcastle is a hero oriented it protecting his teammates
  • He will be coming to the game with the start of Season 13 of the game on May 10

Apex Legends’ newest addition is a heroic defender, poised to protect his teammates at all costs.

Newcastle Has Some Amazing Abilities

Quite a lot of big things have been happening to the Apex Legends franchise in the past few weeks. From the game having a major LAN even in Stockholm last week to Apex Legends Mobile preregistration growing at an astonishing rate, it seems that good times await the hero shooter. And more is yet to come with the arrival of the game’s latest season – Survivors. Along with the ton of lore, Apex will also receive its newest hero – Newcastle.

As his name suggests, Newcastle is a defense-orientated hero, excelling at protecting his teammates. His passive ability called Retrieve the wounded allows him to move downed allies with him while reviving them. The ability also spawns a shield facing forward that covers Newcastle and the downed teammate during the revival.

The hero’s tactical ability, aptly named Mobile Shield, sees Newcastle throw out an energy shield toward a teammate. Once deployed, the shield can be controlled and moved by Newcastle via an attached drone.

Last but not least, Newcastle’s ultimate ability is called Castle Wall. As the name suggests, it provides a huge amount of protection and shielding for his teammates. The way it works is that the hero first jumps to either an ally or a target area and slams into the ground. Then Newcastle deploys a front-facing shield with multiple panels and open areas for teammates to shoot from. However, Newcastle mains must remain vigilant, as the shield is open from the back, allowing enemies to shoot the hero and his teammates from the rear.

Jackson, which is the real name of Newcastle, was already teased back in early April, along with some additional things that will be coming to Apex Legends Season 13 – Survivors. He has a complicated story with Bangalore, one that fans can read more about on his special webpage on the Apex site.

Players will be able to play him after Apex’s new season drops on May 10.

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