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Published: March 27, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex devs revealed Ash’s latest buff which will arrive on March 28
  • However, fans say this is too little to make a difference
  • Many hoped to see the legend receive a buff to her ultimate and other abilities

Ash’s Arc Snare tactical will receive a biff in the Sun Squad Collection Event, but many fans are already saying developers Respawn Entertainment have not done enough for the legend.

Ash Will Finally Receive a Buff

Apex Legends’ Ash has been in need of a buff for a long time now, with players urging the game’s devs to take a better look at the character. Fan’s pleas have finally been answered, as Respawn Entertainment finally buffed her as part of the Sun Squad Collection Event update. Ash now has a boosted Arc Snare tactical, making it travel faster and increasing the chance that it would nab its intended target.

Although this buff was commonly requested by many players, many still feel like the Incisive Instigator needed more than that to be viable. Some took to social media to express what they think Respawn should have done to Ash instead. A recent Reddit thread perfectly illustrates what many fans think about the Legend’s newest buff.

As pointed out in the post, Ash’s tactical is a one-handed ability. That comes with certain perks, as other Legends can use one-handed abilities while sprinting, reloading, or healing. However, Ash cannot do any of these things, which drastically diminishes the skill’s usefulness, especially in high-pressure situations.

Fans Feel Respawn Could Do More

Most of the community seems to agree that the buff is still a big improvement, but many fans also think that Respawn could have done much better. “It felt like a pretty pitiful buff for a character that hasn’t been relevant really ever,” one highly-liked comment under the post reads. “I wish it could have been more, making it similar to these might make her a little more enticing to play.”

Many fans have hoped that Respawn Entertainment would also take a look at Ash’s other abilities as well. One suggestion was for the devs to extend the Legend’s ult while making it impossible for her to use it in under a few meters. That way she would have a strong but not too powerful ultimate ability. 

Unfortunately for Ash mains, the Legend received just this one boost to her tactical. This did not go down well with fans as they blasted the devs for the “lazy” buff. “What do you expect from devs who apply buffs only when the character gets an overpriced cosmetic? Literally two years just to change some integers.” One disgruntled fan wrote. 

It’s safe to say that the majority of Apex players wanted to see the devs make more of an effort to buff Ash. However, as her update drops on March 28, there is not enough time to implement more serious changes. Right now, Ash mains will likely have to hope Respawn finally gives the Legend the needed attention in future updates.

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