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Published: March 15, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex pros are calling out FeuFPS for apparently using wallhacks
  • They back their claims with clips that show bizarre and “too convenient” prefires and peeks
  • FeuFPS denies he is cheating, claiming some people want to ruin his reputation

A Brazilian Apex Legends streamer was accused of wall hacking in the ALGS pro league, which resulted in his banning.

Pros Claim FeuFPS is Cheating

The popular Brazilian Apex Legends streamer FeuFPS holds the world’s record for most kills on PC. However, the pro has recently been a subject of cheating accusations. This comes on the back of other accusations that have been made towards the streamer back in February.

Then, FewFPS was accused of cheating by fellow pro “Stalizy” who showed a series of suspicious clips that suggest the streamer was using wallhacks during competitive matches. No ban or any other repercussion for FewFPS followed after those accusations, but they have now resurfaced. This is spurred on by a new clip that shows oddly timed pre-fires.

In the video, one can see that FeuFPS shows a “master game sense” multiple times by seemingly always guessing where the enemy is going to come from. For example, in the first analyzed clip, FeuFPS cuts a revive of a teammate short to go pre-fire a Wraith at an odd angle with perfect timing. This could be considered as Feu managing to hear the enemy before, but it is somewhat hard to believe.

The second clip, however, seems more incriminating. It shows Feu apparently pre-tracks through a rock at an enemy he shouldn’t even know is there. Stalizy said that “every time we are on his screen, he’s doing suspect stuff and walking like a potato,” and mentioned EA’s lack of commenting. However, the company did eventually ban Feu.

Apex Community is Divided

Stalizy’s claims seem to be supported by other Apex pros. A clip surfaced thanks to streamer oPESADELO, who said Feu was “looking behind the walls on pro league.”

Shared by Jake Lucky, the clip showing the alleged cheating incident has been seen by over 100,000 people on Twitter. This has divided the community, with many claiming these suspiciously well-timed pre-fires are proof of wall hacks, while others saying that the clips aren’t enough for a ban.

FeuFPS’s Twitter account seems to have been private, however, the streamer attempted to clear his name. In a series of emails for Dotesports, he explained that these accusations are coming from people who want to ruin his career.

“I’m being accused by people trying to ruin three years,” he wrote. “I livestream everything I do playing Apex Legends, and my account was banned today by pressure from above EA. I’m an EA partner. I’ve never been banned from anything.”

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