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Published: May 18, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legends Mobile is launching on May 17
  • The game’s story will focus on expanding the already existing lore
  • Players will learn more about the Syndicate, as well as Apex’s newest legend Fate

Apex Legends Mobile officials have revealed in a press conference that the game will not rewrite existing lore, but will instead expand it.

Apex Mobile Will Add More Stories

With the launch of Apex Legends Mobile, the franchise is getting a great boost in its popularity and player base. With such big changes happening, some players are understandably worried that the new version of the game might change the already established lore.

However, developer EA has confirmed that this will not be the case. Instead, the game will focus on building stories that shape the Outlands. Players will learn about the game’s first new legend, Fade, and the story of the Syndicate itself.

Speaking of Fade, she will be available only exclusively on Apex’s mobile version. According to design director Jordan Patz, she “was a member of a mercenary family before a job went wrong, leaving him with the tools and the motivation for revenge.” Apex Mobile will have the opportunity to explore the past of the Frontier and create another link to the story from Apex Legends because Fade has a suit with the same technology as Wraith’s powers.

“We’re not looking to rewrite any lore that our players know and love,” said Myke Hoff, Senior Director of Product. “Our going storytelling and the stories you’re familiar with will push into areas players have wanted to hear more of and to unpack more of the backstory that helped shape this world.”

Hoff explained that during Apex Mobile’s first season, players will learn more about the Syndicate and how it continues to manipulate the Apex Games. This includes both stories, as well as physical map changes, like the introduction of the Climatizer to World’s Edge in Apex Mobile.

The director also added that the story in Apex Mobile each season will take place “in two parts, month over month and week over week.” Each season is expected to last about a month.

Apex Legends Mobile will be a huge boost in Electronic Arts’ hero shooter, adding to the goal of growing the game. The desktop version of Apex already surpassed $2 billion in profits and it’s expected the newest addition to the franchise will further increase these earnings.

Players can experience Fade’s story and much more with the launch of the game on May 17.

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