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Published: May 28, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legends has already gained huge revenue since it was launched on May 17
  • The game’s earnings dwarf PUBG Mobile’s revenue in their respective first weeks
  • EA hopes Apex Mobile will be a good competitor to Call of Duty Mobile

It’s estimated Apex Legends Mobile has gained almost $5 million through player purchases after just a week of being released.

Apex Mobile Generates Huge Profits

Electronic Art’s Apex Legends franchise is one of the most profitable gaming franchises in recent years. In fact, EA recently announced the game has surpassed $2 billion in profits ever since its release in 2019, and this number is only expected to rise even more.

To boost the franchise further, EA has released the mobile version of the game, aptly called Apex Legends Mobile. It was one of the most anticipated mobile titles of this year, with the company hyping it up for months before its release last week. It looks like the hype has paid off well, as the game reportedly generated almost $5 million in revenue in just a week.

According to a VGC report, players have spent $4.8 million on weapon skins, and other cosmetics thorough the first seven days since the game’s release. The website notes that the US was the biggest country for player spending, accounting for 44% ($2.1 million) of total revenue. Japan and Thailand followed.

How Does Apex Mobile Compare to Its Rivals?

To put into perspective how massive Apex Legends Mobile is, it’s useful to compare it to some of its competitors. A franchise, much older and arguably popular than Apex, is Call of Duty. The revenue generated in the first week of its launch was $14.8 million. Although this number is almost three times the amount Apex Mobile generated, it has to be said this was back in October 2019. CoD had almost no competition back then, as the PC version of Apex was just released, while a mobile version was probably not even an idea.

Perhaps a better comparison would be with PUBG Mobile, as both it and Apex are relatively new franchises in the same battle royal genre. When taking this into account, Apex Mobile’s revenue dwarfs the $600 000 PUBG Mobile generated in its first week since launch. Back in March, we reported that Apex Legends Mobile wants to replicate PUBG’s success, but if the trend continues, EA’s free-to-play shooter will far surpass its competitor.

If Apex Legends Mobile continues to earn money at this rate, we will surely be seeing it go head-to-head with its main competitor Call of Duty Warzone soon.

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