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Published: April 25, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Preregistered players for Apex Legends Mobile reach over 12 million
  • To celebrate this, EA is implementing new milestone rewards for 15 and 25 million users
  • The game is expected to release sometime this year

A month after global preregistration for Apex Legends Mobile opened, the game already has over 12 million users, prompting Electronic Arts to add new milestone rewards.

EA Announces New Preregistration Rewards

A bit over a month after preregistration for Apex Legends Mobile was open worldwide, the game has accumulated over 12 million preregistered users, hitting all milestones in the process. To celebrate this, Electronic Arts is adding even more rewards for new players ahead of the game’s long-anticipated release later in 2022.

“Since kicking off our limited regional launch, we’ve been thrilled by the excitement, passion, and feedback players have shared with our team,” wrote EA in the official announcement. “We’ve loved seeing everyone jump in to play Apex Legends Mobile, and it’s because of your support and enthusiasm that we have smashed our pre-registration goals.”

When pre-registration initially opened in late March, EA planned rewards for different milestones, going up to 10 million users. However, about a month later, this number reached more than 12 million players, so the company decided to implement new milestones for 15 and 25 million users.

These are:

  • Become Legendary Holospray: 15 million pre-registrations
  • Sunfire Initiative Pathfinder Skin: 25 million pre-registrations

Apex Legends Mobile’s Massive Early Success

It seems EA did not anticipate their game to have such a rapid rise in popularity from the get-go, considering the initial rewards were somewhat modest, both in the actual prize and in the number required to reach a certain milestone. The rewards which are already unlocked are:

  • Pre-registered badge: 500,000
  • Fateful Games – Banner Frame: 1 million
  • One Target – Banner Pose: 2.5 million
  • Teeth Cutter – Epic R99 Skin: 5 million
  • Molten Earth – Epic Skin: 10 million

These figures, however, promise good things to come for EA and Apex Mobile. The game’s developer Respawn Entertainment hopes to emulate the success of PUBG Mobile with the portable version of Apex. These hopes might indeed become a reality, considering the staggering numbers of players that have already registered in such a short time.

Both the old and new rewards will be available to players who have preregistered and downloaded the game within seven days of its worldwide release. This release’s exact date has not yet been revealed, but it will be sometime later this year.

Those who wish to register and download the game can do so from the Google Play Store. Apex Legends Mobile is not yet available on iOS devices, but players can sign-up on the official website to be notified when that happens.

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