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Published: December 21, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • To celebrate the end of the year, Apex Legends has revealed various statistics about how its players performed
  • It seems that people collectively performed a total of 22 billion takedowns, 446 million of which were scored with the Mozambique shotgun pistol
  • Players also performed 5.5 billion revives, respawned 1 billion times and unleashed 16 billion ultimate attacks

With the New Year festivities approaching, Apex Legends has unveiled how its passionate fanbase performed throughout the whole of 2021.

Players Killed 22 Billion Competitors, Scored 446 Mozambique Takedowns

To celebrate the end of 2021, Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a few statistics about Apex Legends in a festive Twitter post. The post showcased various milestones, including how many kills players have collectively scored, how many revives they have performed, etc.

The post begins with the whopping 22 billion kills that Apex Legends players have scored as a community. Out of all those, a surprisingly high number came from the Mozambique shotgun pistol. According to the post, about 446 million people have fallen victims to the notorious weapon, which has long been a subject of community interest and memes.

The high number of Mozambique kills is hardly surprising, considering that this spring the weapon got a significant buff. Although it lost the Hammerpoint hop-up, its bullet capacity was increased from four to six, making it far more viable than it was before.

While the Mozambique is definitely not the best pick in the game, it is viable enough and on top of that, it is very easy to get considering that it’s one of the two no-cost weapons in Apex.

Some More Statistics About Apex Legends Players’ Feats

Respawn Entertainment continued by detailing more interesting insights from 2021.

According to the company, players have revived their teammates a total of 5.5 billion times. Furthermore, additional 1 billion people have respawned through a respawn beacon.

In total, players have been able to unleash 16 billion ultimates and have collectively placed about 27 million Nessie plushies using Wattson’s Easter egg emote.

Respawn Entertainment concluded by mentioning that players have said a whopping 175 million “thank you’s” throughout 2021. The company sent one last additional “thank you” to all of its players and supporters, as the game moves forward to 2022.

Apex Legends remains one of Electronic Arts’ top games. The battle royale shooter title was singlehandedly responsible for EA’s revenues skyrocketing in Q2 of 2021.

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