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Published: April 3, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Many players missed out on the game’s April Fools event
  • The event added a ton of funny tweaks to guns as well as ample new strategic opportunities
  • Fans beg the Apex devs to make the mode a reoccurring event

Following the huge success of Apex Legends’ event on April 1st, many players want developer Respawn Entertainment to make April Fools’ Day a limited-time mode.

Fans Want the April Fools Event to Return

April Fools is a time of the year when game studios let their hair loos for a bit and add various funny and uncharacteristic changes to their games to celebrate the occasion. Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends’ developer, was no exception to that rule, with the studio launching a successful event on April 1st

This year’s April Fools event was so successful, in fact, that many fans took to social media to beg Respawn to make the event a returning gamed mode. A quickly growing Reddit thread saw fans ask for Respawn to make April Fools’ Day a limited-time mode (LTM). Because the event was just a day long, many players were not able to test it out. Meanwhile, others say that the event was one of the most entertaining modes to ever be available on Apex, and it would be a shame to have it for just one day. 

“I think it would be cool as an LTM. I think it would be fun to last more than a day, but I’d also like to still be able to complete BR challenges and earn stats,” one top-rated comment reads. “Please. My buddies were sick and couldn’t get on yesterday, we had one game today before the event was disabled,” another player explained, alluding to the fact many Apex fans were not able to play the event in the limited time it was live.

What Did Fans Like about the Event?

Fans praised Respawn Entertainment a lot for the amount of work and attention to detail they put into the April Fools event. Many appreciated the jokes on the different Mozambique versions available in the event, each having its unique twists. For example, Ol’Nessie shot small Nessie plushies that would chase enemies and deal a bit of damage, a feature returning from last year. Players shared stories of spending the whole game looking for an Ol’Nessie, transforming weapons per dozens in the lobby.  

Aside from fun cosmetic changes, the April Fools event also introduced some interesting strategic opportunities for performing mind-blowing plays to change the tide of games. For example, fans often shared videos of incredible plays involving removing ziplines, which could be done using one simple button.

It’s not known if Respawn is going to listen to what fans have to say, but [players can at least still get some exclusive skins now.

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