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Published: June 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legends’ Season 13 has been out for a few months now
  • It brought changes that make it more difficult for solo queue players to climb the ranked ladder
  • A group of fans made a website that aims to help these players

Apex Legends fans have created a website called that aims to help solo ranked players more easily find a team.

Fans Create a New Tool for Solo Players

Every gamer playing team-based ranked games knows how important having a squad is. But actually finding fellow players who are ready to commit many hours to grind up the ranked ladder is often more difficult than the actual game. Apex legends is no exception to that rule but a group of fans has created a website that aims to help solo queue players find teammates easier.

Apex Legends is already in its 13th season, and along with many bugs, the game also brought changes like a demotion, the Rookie Tier, and big changes to how players gain RP. In turn, this has made it more difficult for solo players to climb the ranked ladder.

The group of fans that decide to tackle this problem, has created a website, aptly named, to help solo queue players to find suitable teammates. Reddit user Blackoutlol, one of the creators, showcased some of the website’s features, some of which include a preferred Legend selector, skill-level indicator, and much more.

“We all know soloQing can be quite stressful (especially when we’re stuck with a toxic one)…” wrote Blackoutlol, “and with all the recent ranked changes we felt there should be a better way to find teammates. We want to help you all find the best Apex duo or trio, and create long-lasting friendships…”

At first glance, looks like a professionally made website with a sleek design and easy-to-use interface. Apparently, the website also utilizes its own algorithm that tracks “the info you give and the stats we get from the game” to help match players together.

“Whether you’re looking for a player to climb the ranked ladder or ranked arenas, compete in ALGS, or just some casual games – hopefully, we can help you avoid that nasty toxicity out there and find a group of friends to play with. :)” finally wrote Blackoutlol.

The reception seems to be largely positive, with many Reddit users asking the team behind the website to further develop the project. This seems to reflect the general feeling regarding the solo queue changes with Apex. Many players, including popular streamers like NICKMERCS, have noted how the new changes make it more difficult for solo players.

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