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Published: May 15, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Electronic Arts released Season 13 of Apex Legends
  • This helped the game break its own record for concurrent players on Steam
  • It seems Apex’s player base will continue to grow with the release of the game’s mobile version

Apex Legends once again breaks its record, for the number of concurrent players on Steam after the release of Season 13.

Apex Breaks Its Own Record

Electronic Arts’ battle royal title Apex Legends seems to be on a roll these past few weeks. With the release of the game’s Season 13 and the reveal of new characters and content, Apex is receiving even more attention from players. Recently, the game even scored more than 400 000 concurrent players on Steam, shattering its previous record.

With over 412 000 players in-game at the same time, Apex beats its own record, which was set a few months ago in February at the start of its Season 12. At that time, the number of players simultaneously battling it out was 393 116.

Of course, this number is only counting the players playing the game through Steam. When one estimates the number of fans playing through EA’s own PC platform, Origin, as well as the numbers from all consoles, there may have been more than 1 million simultaneous players.

Can Apex Keep up This Hype?

It’s hard to estimate the exact total number of players who played the game when its newest season launched on May 10. It’s even harder to know if Apex Legends will be able to keep these numbers up, as one has to put into consideration the massive amount of hype that is generated with the launch of any game’s new massive update.

More often than not, that hype dies down a few weeks after the launch. One great (or rather infamous) example of how fleeting hype can be, is the fact that Overwatch 2’s Beta lost 99% of its viewership within a week of its launch.

However, Apex Legends might not share a fate as grim as that, as EA has plans to keep up the hype as long as possible. The company is releasing the mobile version of the game, aptly named Apex Legends Mobile, on May 17, a move that will surely generate even more hype for the franchise.

Furthermore, EA reported that Apex has surpassed $2 billion in total earnings since its release in 2019, and so far, every season of the game has seen growth in both player numbers and revenue. The company even expects the game and its offshoots to eventually earn $1 billion per year, a goal that seems not too difficult to achieve given the stable growth of the player base.

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