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Published: August 11, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Apex Legend’s Season 14 came with a surprising new bug
  • Players have reported characters swapping their abilities with others’ mid-game
  • This has led to some hilarious situations

Apex Legends is somewhat infamous for its bugs right after a new season drops, and this one is no exception.

New Bug Unintentionally Swaps Characters’ Abilities

Often with the arrival of large patches to a game, a ton of bugs follow. Such is the case for Apex Legends’ newest update. Usually, most bugs consist of connection problems, hit registration issues on certain legends, and comically-frequent problems with Loba’s teleporter bracelet not working on certain terrain. However, Season 14’s most prominent bug so far is rather curious, as it randomly and unintentionally creates a new character mode mid-game.

The bug most often manifests in the form of different characters swapping abilities. This has game-breaking yet hilarious consequences. For example, Reddit user Spank-Kun shared an instant where Bangalore used Bloodhound scans.

Players joked that this is a new game mode where all legends are randomly assigned with abilities from other legends. According to those who have seen the bizarre phenomenon in-game, their characters swap abilities with another legend of their team but still retain the original’s model and voice lines.

How Was This Bug Received by the Community?

Whenever Apex Legends has bugs, it’s often severely scrutinized by pros and casual players alike, likely because it can be a highly competitive game. And with the start of Season 14, criticisms by pros towards Apex have not been light.

Normally a game-breaking bug like this one would also garner a lot of negative press, however, this one seems to be received differently by the community. It almost seems fun as nobody expects which legend’s skills they might get. Of course, it would not be so fun when you’re expecting your character to perform in a certain way, but then they suddenly start acting in a totally different manner.

Although perhaps it’s funny the first time it happens, the bug can still spell big trouble, especially in ranked games, so it’s highly probable it will soon be fixed. By the time you read this article, the issue might already be gone, but it still managed to create some hilarious moments.

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