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Published: March 28, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • 100 Thieves qualified for the ALGS Pro League Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm
  • They managed to outplay their enemies and get named the winners of the NA Pro League Split 2’s penultimate day
  • The team has now secured a spot at the LAN event’s $1 million prize pool

The Apex Legends Global Series Pro League in North America kept on surprising esports enthusiasts with exciting developments. The penultimate day of the event saw 100 Thieves snatch a victory under FURIA’s nose and secure a spot at the Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm. Here is how the games unfolded:

Game One – ESA Lost Against a Truck on World’s Edge

The first game for the day saw Esports Arena, the current top team, waste their Valkyrie’s ultimate move to land next to a truck they believed was occupied by an enemy team. The vehicle soon turned out to be empty, housing only a single Caustic barrel. The realization, however, came too late and ESA’s players were mowed down by their enemies.

The same game saw 100 Thieves and FURIA take positions at the bottom of a ravine between Overlook and Epicenter. FURIA played their cards correctly and, thanks to their Wattson player, managed to defeat their enemies.

Game Two – FURIA Got Outplayed by 100 Thieves

The second game on World Edge ended with a clash around the ruins between Fragment East and West. FURIA’s skillful Wattson play helped the team secure strong positions. Despite that, 100 Thieves’ sheer determination helped the team take down numerous enemies, including members of FURIA.

In the end, the Thieves had an impressive record of 17 takedowns.

Game Three – The Thieves Took the High Ground

The third game was the last one on the map. It saw 100 Thieves occupy a strategic spot on the cliffs west of Bloodhound’s Trials. The high ground helped the skilled players fall many of their enemies, including Complexity Gaming. However, Spacestation, which was the only organization with all its players in the endgame, managed to crush 100 Thieves’ resistance and win the game.

Game Four – Sentinels Challenged ESA

The fourth game saw the map change to Storm Point where Esports Arena and Sentinels locked in a fight around The Mill. No team emerged victorious and both eventually retreated. However, Esports Arena is already qualified for the playoffs in Stockholm and was not hurt badly by the exchange while Sentinels lost a perfect opportunity to get some points.  

In the aftermath of ESA and Sentinels’ battle, Complexity Gaming rose to dominate the game. Despite the valiant resistance on 100 Thieves and FURIA’s side, Complexity won the map, ending with a whopping 19 kills and 31 points for the victory.

Game Five – Esports Arena Got Serious

The fifth game saw Esports Arena and Sentinels fight once again. However, this time ESA was serious and quickly took down one of the opponents, forcing the enemy team to retreat.

100 Thieves and Spacestation continued to play spectacularly but, in the end, were no match for ESA. The latter team eliminated all resistance in a final clash at Cliffside Depot.

Game Six – 100 Thieves Tied with FURIA

The last game for the day saw 100 Thieves lock arms with FURIA around Fish Farms. Despite both teams giving their best, the Thieves emerged victorious, finishing the day with 75 points – the same as FURIA.

Thanks to 100 Thieves’ great performance in the second game, they were named the winner of the day, securing a spot at the Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm and the chance to play for its $1,000,000 prize pool.

The playoffs are scheduled to begin on April 29.

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