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Published: February 3, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • This is done to celebrate the organization’s victory in the LCS
  • The tokens represent images of the necklace 100 Thieves gave out to initially celebrate its victory in August 2021
  • Their partner Polygon is increasingly investing in esports and gaming

In celebration of its 2021 League of Legends Championship Series victory, 100 Thieves has released free NFTs through the crypto platform Polygon.

100 Thieves Unveils Free NFTs

Over the past two years, esports have seen a huge spike in popularity. This has been accompanied by an equal increase in betting on esports. Some of that wagering is done through bitcoin and other cryptocurrency methods that have arisen over the past couple of years. When talking about crypto, one might also think of NFTs. These are increasingly being involved in gaming and the “play-to-earn” model. It was perhaps just a matter of time that even large esports organizations are getting into the new trend.

One of these is 100 Thieves who recently released free to claim NFTs to celebrate their victory in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), one of the biggest championship series events in competitive gaming. Partnering with Polygon, 100 Thieves wrote: “On August 29, 2021, SSUMDAY, CLOSER, ABBEDAGGE, FBI, and HUHI brought home a historic championship title to 100 Thieves. To commemorate, Nadeshot commissioned a one-of-a-kind diamond chain to gift our players & coaches.”

Fortunately for fans, they can get their token for free here. The NFTs represent a rotating image of the diamond chains that were awarded by 100 Thieves to their players in celebration of the LCS victory last year.

Polygon and Their Push into Gaming

Esports organizations are not the only entities looking at potential mergers between esports and crypto blockchains. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It has already shown clear initiative in being a solution for major NFT brands and properties.

With the rise in esports betting in the USA, Polygon has shown a clear desire to get into that market, with the deal with 100 Thieves being just one sign. YouTube’s head of gaming Ryan Wyatt announced last week announced he is leaving the company in favor of becoming CEO of Polygon Studios in March. The company saw rapid growth since its creation last year. Much of that can be attributed to its deal with Ticketmaster and the NFL to roll out NFL ticket stub NFTs for football fans.

For better or worse, crypto is rapidly entering the world of esports. Polygon isn’t the only major player in the field, however. Bitget, which was recently signed by Team Spirit as an official crypto partner, is another company getting into the busyness. It is clear that as more and more esports organizations release NFTs or strike deals with crypto companies, the various blockchains will be a piece in professional gaming for the foreseeable future.

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