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Street Fighter is one of the most famous games in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). The game's popularity has reached a special place where placing bets on the outcome of SF tournaments such as the Capcom Pro Tour is no longer strange. There is a lot of skill in Street Fighter V and with Street Fighter VI on the cards, you can rest assured that there are many esports betting opportunities to explore. Today, we bring you the top Street Fighter betting sites to enjoy in real-time.
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Street Fighter Betting Sites for 2023

Street Fighter betting is quite popular. With many fighting game tournaments to go around each year, the SFV and soon – SFVI – events are some of the main drivers of esports betting activity in the community. Let's take a look at the available betting sites that accept bets on Street Fighter as of right now.
  1. – remains one of the leading websites when it comes to Street Fighter matches. The website covers all major tournaments and provides you with a variety of fighting games to bet on. This esports betting offers some of the most competitive odds and opportunities.
  2. GG.Bet – GG.Bet is another trusted operator where you will find multiple betting opportunities for Street Fighter. The website covers huge tournaments, offers a fair variety of qualifying events, and generally keeps its hand on the Street Fighting competitive community pulse to bring you the best betting markets across the entire esports scene.

Types of Street Fighter Bets You Can Place

When it comes to market variety, Street Fighter betting sites are fairly limited to two main types of wagers as such. There are the match winners, which are simply the players you think would win a particular game of Street Fighter. Then, you have the tournament winners, which you can place outright on the Evolution Championship Series, for example. The competitive scene is somewhat limited when it comes to betting types variety, but you can still benefit from excellent odds and markets nevertheless. It's possible for some sites to offer you player proposition bets. These bets are based on the different characters in the game, and what Street Fighter players are going to do with them. They are highly-speculative wagers in nature, but by studying your favorite players you may actually calibrate your expectations and participate in such exotic markets. Match histories, previous performances, and watching live streams of your favorite players and game definitely do help. If you are feeling a little more defiant, you can also explore the available parlay bets. Parlays are basically multiple selections (legs) of match-winner bets, for example. This could be a great way to turn a fairly small amount into an epic payout.

How to Pick a Great Street Fighter Betting Site

There are not that many Street Fighter betting sites to go around, but luckily for us, the ones we have reviewed are legit and secure real money wagering platforms, that cover a variety of esports markets, and SF is one of them. Here is how we shortlist and choose a particular betting site.

Check the Site's Reputation

The first thing to do is to check the website's reputation. Esports betting sites are some of the safest out there and they provide you with a variety of excellent gameplay and gaming solutions, but to get to those, you need to make sure that the brand you have picked is indeed what you deserve and need, and more importantly – that you can trust it.

See What Market Variety Is Available

Another factor we use is to see what Street Fighter betting markets are available. This is usually match winners and outright winners. Still, we make sure that all of the biggest tournaments and most important tournaments are covered duly by a betting site before we recommend it. It's important to have a good stock of events and games to bet on.

Odds and Competitive Fixtures

Market variety is great, but you also want to make sure that you wager on the best betting odds for Street Fighter. The idea here is that you can gain a small advantage by simply sticking to the best betting sites that accept wagers on Street Fighter. This is why we only recommend bookies where you bet on Street Fighter and get the best odds in exchange.

Explore the Cashier Section

A great website will make sure to provide you with swift and legit banking methods. This way, any deposit you wish to place and any withdrawal you want to make become quick and easy which will give you an additional opportunity to explore the biggest Street Fighter events safe in the knowledge that any win you realize will be paid out swiftly back to you.

See How the Site Holds on Mobile

We are particularly fussy about the overall compatibility of Street Fighter betting sites and expect all bookies to actually hold well across a number of devices, including mobile and desktop. This means that players will also be able to place their bets on the go and make informed decisions as they will be connected to the tournaments in real-time. Many websites even offer live streams!

Live Streaming and Betting on Street Fighter

Another thing we look into is whether the websites we recommend feature live betting options for Street Fighter. Live or in-play betting is a great way to add to the emotion of each tournament and event, and with most of these events streamed live, you can see why they are a great way to enjoy the experience from start to finish. Players who are new to the experience will definitely appreciate the fact that they can watch and bet on the games in real time. This is why we insist that any esports betting site we recommend cover and offer this option. Live streams are a great way to stay connected to the action in real time and feel more involved. We still think that Rivalry and GG.Bet offer some of the best in-play options on Street Fighter and you may be happy to explore them in full.

Street Fighter Betting Tips

If you want to improve your overall betting game on the Street Fighter franchise as a whole, we have several pieces of advice that we are confident you can use across a number of competitive gaming titles. This will make you much better at placing wagers and guide your choices smartly in the future.

#1 Know the Meta

The first thing about Street Fighter… isn't that you don't talk about Street Fighter. Rather, you know to understand the game well enough so that you can make smart decisions and pick the best betting options. Cultivating a strong knowledge of the game and how it changes from one patch to the next is what is going to give you your edge when betting on online events. This is why betting fans of the game are encouraged to explore and study the game up close.

#2 Follow the Best Players

If you want to place great bets on Street Fighter, you need to follow the best players and understand what makes them tick. Why does a player rout the Evo Championship Series and another one falls short? What are the inhibitions of some players that hold them back and what makes other players winning machines? You can find out a lot of important details and hone your understanding of the game if you just take a good hard look at the top players and what makes them tick. You are bound to make a difference in your next bet this way.

#3 Play Street Fighter Yourself

Do you want to make really smart bets when you bet on Street Fighter VI? There is a safe way to do that – play the game yourself. Nothing will give you quite the same gut understanding of the game and its subtler details and aspects. Players who are new will definitely enjoy themselves knowing that they can benefit from the knowledge that bookmakers may have. Playing the game yourself will not automatically make you a better SF punter, but it will definitely give you a sound basis and understanding of the game – mostly if you are keen to explore these options further.

#4 Bet Small and Take Your Time

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never feel in a rush to place a bet. After all, why rush things up if there is a way to take things slowly instead and enjoy your time playing the game? Players are welcome to bet small amounts and even make make-believe bets where you track the outcomes without placing real money. This is done to see where you stand and how well you understand the game from top to bottom before you can dive into the next exciting level of fun. Players are welcome to bet small and select multiple options. Parlay bets can be actually quite fun with small wagers.

#5 Check Other Sites for Better Odds

We understand that for most players, sticking with a single sportsbook is probably the most fun thing to do, and this is understandable. Players are very welcome to explore the full variety of betting options as they see fit, but we recommend shopping around for odds. What this means is that while such as GG.Bet and will provide you with excellent Street Fighter betting odds, you can still check out the odds at all trusted betting sites instead. This way, you will see small differences in the odds and place wagers where the odds are just a bit better. In the long term, this will contribute to your winnings in a meaningful and impactful way and make all the difference you can ever ask for!

Street Fighter Betting Sites: A Final Word

Street Fighter is one of the most exciting FGC titles out there. The fact that there are so many tournament options and competitive games, from the Capcom Tour to DreamHack Anaheim means that there are tons of options to place a wager on the outcome of these events yourself. Whether you bet on the best events or just on some of the qualifiers, Street Fighter is a great game to wager on, and especially if you are a fan!

Street Fighter Frequently Asked Questions

Is Street Fighter betting legit?

Yes. Betting on Street Fighter contests is completely legitimate. You can do it as a fan, though, and not if you participate in betting events yourself. Players are very welcome to place their SF wagers as they see fit.

Can I bet on Street Fighter if I am 18?

Yes, there are many countries and jurisdictions where you may bet on esports if you are at least 18 years of age. However, an esports betting site could be based in a jurisdiction where the legal betting age is 21. Make sure to double-check with each site.

What is the best Street Fighter bookmaker?

Rivalry and GG.Bet tend to be the best bookmakers for esports betting at the present moment. Both sites cover the Street Fighter series and major tournaments in full and provide you with a strong variety of gaming options.

Can I bet on Street Fighter games in real-time?

Yes, you can definitely bet on Street Fighter games in real-time. Players are very welcome to place their live wagers as they see fit.

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