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Rocket League is one of the most fun esports betting titles out there. If you are looking to explore the best Rocket League betting sites, though, you have come to the right place, as we will walk you through everything you need to know! From the different types of Rocket League bets to the best Rocket League betting tips, we know it all! We bring you the best odds, matches, and events & tournaments overview so that you can always be on point when looking for the most worthwhile markets. There are many great sites to choose from as well, and we will only focus on those Rocket League websites that have a proven track record. Without further ado, let's get started.
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Best Rocket League Betting Sites

Let's take it from the top. The best Rocket League betting sites have plenty to offer, and this is why we are here. Below, you can find a quick overview of all the great brands that cover Rocket League and related betting markets. Esports is getting bigger, and having the opportunity to place a bet on Rocket League esports is definitely fun. Here are some of the best brands to do this: Every brand in this table is carefully curated. We have gone through the available Rocket League odds, matches and overall market variety to determine what brands are worth putting on your go-to list and what aren't. When shopping around for the best Rocket League betting odds, you will always be tempted to actually compare several websites at once. There are many benefits to picking a site that is trusted as well. Those sites have the backing of the community, they strive to provide you with the best possible markets, and they are also very prompt and professional to their players, creating a fantastic experience from start to finish. Rocket League is also one of the most popular games with colleges as it's considered an actual collegiate esports, which gives it further boost and prominence in the United States. Betting on collegiate Rocket League is not legal anywhere in the country, however, so keep this in mind. Rocket League betting as such actually is so you can make full good use of this right now!

What Rocket League Events to Bet On?

Before you can bet on Rocket League, you need to know what some of the best events are. That is why we have decided to shortlist those options that will definitely be worth following. First and foremost you have the RLCS, short for the Rocket League Championship Series, which is an annual event that runs from July through August. The calendar is a little tighter than you would normally expect with three competitive legs split as Spring, Summer and Fall before the crowning event called the Rocket League Championship Series World Cup. The event runs a solid prize pool of $2,000,000 for the World Cup, and around $300,000 per individual legal, making it one of the most prominent events out there, to begin with. Betting on the World Championship and the Majors is definitely the focal point of every year's Rocket League betting. So far as additional Rocket League tournaments go, there are some that are available throughout the year as well. They are still part of the official circuit, however, including the invitational events. Overall, it's safe to say that most of the online Rocket League betting that is available revolves around officially recognized and backed events.

What Rocket League Odds Are There?

To get better at Rocket League betting, you will need to find out a thing or two about the available odds and markets. These are very important. First, you have three main types of odds, Decimals, American, and Fraction. Both American and Decimal odds tend to do the trick, and the fraction odds are well, not our immediate favorite. However, all three ways of displaying odds will work and can be changed at all Rocket League gambling sites through a dropdown menu or directly when you register. Decimal odds are usually explained as 1.50 on a given team. What this means is that for every $1 you bet, you can expect a $1.50 return. Your original bet + $0.50 in profit – the so-called vigorish that the website charges (a small fee). This is an easy way to keep track of the Rocket League odds and understand how much you stand to win per every wager you make. American odds are also not that hard to read, but we personally prefer Decimals for our own Rocket League bets.

Types of Rocket League Bets You Can Place

There are a number of possible Rocket League betting markets you can explore. We will now offer you a quick breakdown of what wagers there are and what you can expect from each and every one. Let's take a look.
  • Match Winner – A match bet is a bet you place outright on a Rocket League team to win a game. It's a very straightforward wager that succeeds if your team wins. No more, no less.
  • Future Bets – A future bet in Rocket League is actually a good one. You basically can bet on the World Cup winner at the start of the season, and you will get a slightly better payout because you made your bet early on.
  • Prop Bets – Prop bets are placed on the best Rocket League players, and teams. Essentially, you are betting for some specific condition to be fulfilled. If you meet this condition, you will be rewarded. These bets are harder to guess, but they bring better overall payout.
  • In-play and Live Bets – The in-play Rocket League wagers are actually very cool. They allow you to place and win money right as the action is progressing. This is not to say that there isn't a challenge. Live betting is very hard and it's for more advanced Rocket League bettors.
  • Correct Score Bets – Correct score betting is available to players who are interested in getting the exact score. There are many Rocket League betting sites that will offer you this market.
  • Total Bets – With total bets, you are betting on the outcome of the game based on the total points. You want to guess whether more or fewer points will be scored in a particular Rocket League match. This is it.
These markets are available for all upcoming tournaments and Rocket League live betting is particularly popular these days. The betting odds in in-play markets change rapidly, and esports betting sites try to make sure that you have access to an intuitive Betting Slip that will make the live betting experience easy enough.

Tips on How to Be Better at Rocket League Betting

If you want to master your betting game on the Rocket League Championship series or another event, you have come to the right place. We will quickly walk you through some of the best tips that will help you improve your game and make the best-informed decisions.

#1 Study Each Rocket League Season Separately

It's important to understand that with Rocket League esports, things tend to be very dynamic. What this means is that you cannot expect to have the same results between seasons. In fact, just the opposite could be true. If a team performs well in several Rocket League matches, this does not necessarily make them winners. You need to know what the main rivalries are and what teams form the best rosters. Besides, you should not trust previous Rocket League seasons that much for guidance as just like any other esports, teams lose momentum between seasons – others gain it.

#2 Follow the Best Rocket League Teams

Next, you definitely want to make sure that you are following the best Rocket League teams, to begin with. This way, you will always know what to expect, or at least have a very good idea where to put your wagers. Just because a team is known to have done well one season, though, doesn't mean it will do well this Rocket League season. However, you still need to pay attention to the players and overall organization, and even see how betting sites price these players and teams to get a better read of overall expectations.

#3 Choose the Top Rocket League Betting Sites

Another thing you can do to up your Rocket League game is to pick the websites you wager at carefully. The best Rocket League betting sites all share a number of similarities. They offer you competitive odds, bring you effortless banking, and even feature bonuses. Many, such as Rivalry, even set out to help players understand individual games and create more worthwhile and trusted experiences for all. The quickest way to pick a website is to of course refer to one of the esports betting sites that we have reviewed here at Esports Grizzly.

#4 Bet Small When You Start with Rocket League

If you want to enjoy yourself, the best way to approach Rocket League is to start with small wagers. The game is meant to be fun whether you play it or participate in betting markets. That is why most Rocket League gambling actually involves small amounts. This doesn't mean that you cannot still take advantage of parlays and various high-yield wagers, as explained before. However, there is no need to amp up the money you spend to actually have fun betting on the game either!

#5 Give Yourself Some Time

It's normal that if you are new to betting, it may take some time to figure things out. This is why we strongly recommend that you do not worry about it too much. Instead, just focus on understanding what the top teams are, how you can master your match-winner bets, and generally get used to the overall flow and dynamics of the game, and how you can bet and drive your esports wagers home. It takes some time, but before long, you will know all there is about Rocket League and that is just what you need to have a blast!

Rocket League Betting FAQs

Is Rocket League esports betting safe and legal?

Yes, Rocket League is legal and safe as a betting activity. However, you need to further check with the specific country or jurisdiction laws where you are based to see if Rocket League is legal in your place.

Can I bet on Rocket League if I am 18?

Yes, 18 is considered a legal betting age in some countries. However, the majority of US states, for example, expect bettors to be at least 21 years of age. You need to make sure and double-check this condition in each state.

What are the best real-money Rocket League bets?

The best Rocket League bets you can place are match winners. These are considered some of the most streamlined options for new bettors and they serve the pros as well. Mastering the match-winner bet will give you a lot of opportunities later on.

Can you make real money betting on Rocket League?

Yes, you can make money on Rocket League betting. However, it's important to understand that this is not meant to be a profession. Rather, Rocket League betting is based on pure chance, although there is a recognizable degree of deeper understanding involved. Still, you should treat Rocket League betting as an entertainment option only.

Is it legal for me to bet on Rocket League in my state in the US?

Yes and no. Each state in the United States goes by its own specific laws and to be absolutely certain, you need to look up what local laws say about Rocket League betting where you are based. It's usually a very quick check. Make sure that the betting site you visit in your site has been licensed by a local regulator.

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