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Betting Sites

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege or R6 is one of the most popular tactical first-person shooter games published by Ubisoft. The title shifted toward esports several years ago, with the publisher injecting a number of changes to the esports scene, including more cash, better options to attend live events and even betting options.

As a result, Rainbow Six Siege has thrived and esports betting sites cover its main tournaments year-round. Today, we bring you a variety of the best R6 Siege betting websites to help you place the best wagers possible. Let’s take a look at the top websites and the Six Siege betting markets they provide you with.

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Best Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites

To help you get the best options on your hands, we have shortlisted the top online bookmakers that offer competitive odds for Rainbow Six Siege esports events. We have carefully reviewed every brand to arrive at our list.

  1. Rivalry
  3. Cloudbet
  4. Pinnacle
  5. Betway

These websites cover major tournaments and offer various R6 Siege wagers and betting options. You can rest assured that by registering at these esports bookies, you will have the opportunity to participate in Rainbow Six Siege betting and benefit from the best possible markets and lines.

How to Pick Great Rainbow Six Betting Sites

To pick a fitting esports betting site that covers Six Siege tournaments, events, and markets, we have done an extensive review of what these websites have to offer. As a result, we have looked closely at their reputation, odds, available promotional incentives such as free bets, market coverage, and overall functionality.

We have shortlisted the important factors that we think will be important for you in picking an online sports betting site that covers Rainbow Six Siege and its main events.

Good Variety of Markets

If you are looking for a good variety of markets, then you will definitely need to stick to those Rainbow Six betting sites that bring you the best possible options. By market variety, we of course mean the type of wager you can place on the outcome of an R6 game.

Those include match-winner bets, map winners, outright winners, and so much more. It’s important for the esports bookies we have to always feature an excellent a replete selection of betting options.

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege Odds

the next thing to look into is the quality of the odds. After all, you always want to make sure that the odds you are betting on are great and will yield the best possible benefits. You can get the best odds by simply comparing some of the most trusted esports bookmakers on the market.

Usually, it pays off to keep an eye on a few bookmakers at the same time, as you can go across each website and pick the best-value odds and fixtures. There is a fair variety of options to explore as well, but we review all odds ourselves to guarantee you the most rewarding experiences.

Excellent Reputation and License

Another thing we look into is the reputation and license of a website. Players deserve to play at Six Siege betting sites that have actually made the effort to ensure that everyone is protected around the clock. This means that each esports betting site recommended by Esports Grizzly meets industry standards and makes sure that it brings bettors the best possible options.

Esports fans value honesty and are quick to bury any brand that fails to do right by them. This is precisely the case with the best Six Siege esports betting sites which we review and bring to you.

Customer Support Always Happy to Help

Another thing that is important to players is how easy it is for them to get in touch with customer support. Esports betting sites that accept wagers on Rainbow Six Siege should all come with impeccable care service and make it easy for players to contact them. Customer support is important to have a smooth experience when placing your next real money Rainbow 6 wager.

Intuitive Overall Betting Platform

Another big factor in determining which Rainbow Six Siege website to pick is to focus on the inherent platform features that this platform comes along with. In most cases, we look for a platform that is intuitive, quick to the touch and works easily on mobile and any other devices.

We review the leading Rainbow Six Siege betting sites carefully to only provide you with the best online gambling experiences. All the sites we recommend are actually developed in a way that enables you to pursue great Rainbow 6 betting.

Top Six Siege Esports Tournaments

Understandably, you will also want to find the best Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments to bet on. This is why we have helped esports bettors get a quick scoop on what the best events to bet on are. You can get a quick breakdown of all leading events on the Liquipedia page for Rainbow Six Siege.

The main ones you may be interested are in the Rainbow Six Siege Majors and the crowning event of the year, the Six Invitational which drives significant interest on the part of bettors. All Six Siege betting sites we recommend will actually cover this event and all worthwhile and legitimate options.

Rainbow Six Betting Odds

Rainbow Six is definitely fun to bet on, especially if you are online betting. Yet, there are numerous odds and markets to pick from. We bring you the rundown of the most popular odds and markets that you can bet on Rainbow Six Siege.

There are generally three types of odds, i.e. decimal, fractional, and American or moneyline. Decimal odds tend to be the most popular with esports fans around the world, as they are very easy to read into. For example, a decimal odd is calculated as such.

Odds of 1.50 means that if you bet $1, you stand to win $0.50 plus your original bet. The esports bookmaker will usually have a small cut on all bets so as to sustain its platform. Decimals are usually hailed as the easiest to read into, but decimals and moneylines are just as simple to understand, truth to be told.

Rainbow Six Siege Markets and Betting Options

There are numerous markets that you can bet on. Rainbow Six Siege is a particularly generous game when it comes to picking viable options to bet on. Players will have tons of markets and bookies will often run hundreds of betting options per game, and thousands

  • Match Winner – A match-winner bet is placed on the successful outcome of a Rainbow Six Siege game and by guessing who the winner of the game would be.
  • Live Betting – In-play betting is also very popular with R6 betting fans. It allows you to place wagers while a game is in progress and makes it very easy to calibrate your live bets.
  • Proposition Bets – Proposition bets are among the most fun type of wagers there are. Players essentially get to bet on some particular condition that the bookmaker has set up. There are thousands of parlays you can enjoy, with the Rainbow Six betting options in this wager type truly without a limit. Prop bets can be anything about the map winner, most kills, and more.
  • Parlay Bets – A parlay bet is sometimes referred to as an “accumulator.” The bet basically combines several selections of wagers together and if you get all Rainbow Six Siege selections correct, you get a hefty payout.
  • Totals – Totals refer to a type of bet that you place on the total number of kills/points or rounds a game is going to go. The bet is used as another entertaining way to enjoy the gameplay and have a bit of fun as you go along.
  • Correct score – Correct score is a particularly challenging but highly rewarding bet. you need to understand at least two teams that play to be able to place bets that predict the score successfully. It’s easier said than done, but it can be very rewarding.
  • Future Bets – Future bets are placed on the outcome of an event before it event starts. This type of wager is focused on bringing you the best possible value way ahead of an event so that you can use your own knowledge in an upcoming match to figure out what the best bet would be.

Rainbow Six Betting Tips

Some of the best Siege betting tips will actually apply to a variety of sports. With this in mind, you can never go wrong if you choose to follow the pieces of advice listed below. They are designed to help elevate your betting game and place smart money on the best possible wagers. Here are several popular markets that appeal to Rainbow Six Siege fans.

Know the Players Who Play

One of the first things you can do to give yourself an edge is to know who plays and what these players bring to the table. Bettors who follow individual players will definitely have an edge when esports betting – no matter whether this is Rainbow or something completely different.

Study the Teams for Each Tournament

Each tournament will come with fresh challenges that you need to address. Just because a team won the previous Six Invitational, there is absolutely no guarantee they will have repeat success. This is why you should always focus on following the teams from one tournaments to the next, even if it’s only a short break away.

Watch and Play the Game

If you want to have a further upper hand in betting on Rainbow Six Siege, you will definitely want to follow and play the game yourself. Do this and you will garner a significant advantage when looking to place your next wager on Rainbow Six Siege. By playing the game you will understand the physics of the game and how weapons behave and act in certain cases.

Start Easy with Six Siege Betting

There is no need to chase some far-fetched goals when first betting at Rainbow Six Siege. Remember to get your game on and focus on small bets as you are still finding out your bearnings about the games and teams. Bet small and stick to the match winner bets at first.

Always Look for the Best Odds

If you want to give yourself an upper-hand, make sure to register at at least two of the recommended Rainbow Six betting sites. This way, you will always be able to compare between odds and pick the ones that make the most sense to you exclusively. There is no need to bet at both bookies, but we have determined that by having access to more odds, you can constantly continue to accumulate net positives to your overall betting bankroll.

Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites FAQs

Is it legal to bet on Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes, it’s legal to bet on Rainbow Six Siege games and events. The esports scene provides you with tons of opportunities to do so. Remember to pick a trusted, regulated, and licensed bookmaker before you place your first Six Siege bet, however.

What are the best Rainbow Six betting sites?

The best Rainbow Six betting sites are listed at Esports Grizzly. We find websites such as,, Rivalry, Pinnacle, and Betway to be among the best. You are free to pick from as many of them or all of them as you like.

Can I make money betting on Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes, you can make money betting on Rainbow Six Siege. However, Rainbow Six Siege betting is meant only as an activity for fun and not a way to earn money or be financially stable. Keep this in mind when you play.

How old do I have to be to bet on Rainbow 6 Siege?

18 or 21. The legal betting age for Rainbow Six Siege will always depend. Usually, this is anything between 18 and 21 depending on your country or jurisdiction. Players are invited to read into the specific laws and regulations that apply to their own countries.

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