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The NBA 2K is one of the most popular sports simulators. It's also one of the most popular esports that is based on an actual sport. Today, you can find hundreds of websites that offer esports betting markets and betting odds for the NBA 2K. But how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Esports Grizzly will walk you through the whole process we use to determine what the most trusted NBA 2K esports betting sites are and how you can pick them yourself. In this article, you will learn how to bet on the NBA 2K, pick an esports betting site that is right for you, find out more about the NBA 2K League and generally have a blast.
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Best NBA 2K Betting Sites

Here, you can find a full list of fully licensed online betting sites that offer NBA2K betting markets and odds that will add value to ever bet you place. Check out the betting options below which span the NBA 2K League, third-party tournaments and so much more. Each of the NBA 2K betting sites listed on this list is designed to bring you the best possible experiences. Players are very welcome to pick the sites that bring them better odds, great markets and a solid overall platform. The esports scene is quick and dynamic, so it makes sense to have the best possible bonuses and promotions along the way. Each of the esports betting platforms listed on our table is a trusted and reliable brand you can pick from. The operators listed here offer you great wagers, bonuses, and general environment in which you can start betting on NBA 2K right away and without any prior knowledge. Still, it will pay off to find out more about the game before you place your first bet on NBA 2K. Let's check out how it works.

How to Bet on the NBA 2K? 

In a word, the NBA 2K is the esports equivalent of real basketball. Unlike other esports, the video game is entirely based on the actual sport. In fact, the National Basketball Association has confirmed that they are very happy to have NBA 2K League as part of the regular season and part of the family. But how do you bet on NBA 2K in the first place? Well, there are several quick steps that you can follow to always place your wagers quickly and efficiently. Let's have a quick look.

#1 Pick a Trusted NBA 2K Betting Site

Step one is to naturally discover an esports betting site that covers NBA 2K league, and events in general. There are quite a few markets to pick from, so it's important that you find a bookmaker that is actually happy to provide you with all the comforts of a great betting product, and all online sportsbooks we recommend on our list actually do.

#2 Make a Deposit and Fund Your Account

Now that you have an esports betting site at hand, it's time to make a deposit and place and find the markets that you would want to back. Depositing at betting sites that offer NBA 2K betting options isn't complicated. You just pick a trusted payment method such as a bank card, an e-wallet, or a direct bank transfer. The amounts you may want to deposit

#3 Place Your First NBA 2K Wager 

Placing your first NBA 2K League is actually quite fun, and easy. To get there, what you need to do is pick the bookmakers you trust, compare the odds they offer, and pick the one that offers you the best possible coefficients. What this means is that odds will actually be slightly different from one bookmaker to the next, but by sticking with the best esports betting sites, you can actually have your say and shop around for the best odds.

#4 Collect Your Winnings 

Probably the best part in the entire NBA 2K betting experience, you get to collect your winnings right on the spot.

NBA 2K Betting Markets and Odds

When it comes to the markets that you want to choose from, there are quite a few possible options here. They are usually offered at every possible bookmaker we list here that offers betting on NBA 2K. What changes is the odds at any given time for individual matches and outcomes. Let's take a look at the available markets first:
  • Match Winner
  • Totals
  • Player Props
  • Futures
  • In-play
These are just some of the available betting markets you can pick from while looking to bet on the NBA 2K league or other third-party contests. These markets are essentially the main ones you need to have a good time and make the most out of your NBA 2K knowledge. Players will also notice that the different betting sites offer those same markets at slightly different odds. What this means is that there is a constant competition between individual bookmakers to bring you better odds. This benefits you as you get to quickly understand the nature of esports betting and use it to your advantage by registering your account at two or more bookmakers, and having the option to constantly compare odds. In fact, if you are in a hurry, you can always compare odds at the best esports bookmakers we recommend at OddsGecko, which is a dedicated service that gives you a rundown at a glance. Good odds are definitely important to make the most out of your esports betting experience.

Top NBA 2K Betting Events

So, what esports betting events do you have to wager on when it comes to the NBA 2K? Well, there aren't that many to be perfectly honest. Your main choice is of course the NBA 2K League which is the official seasonal tournament. The event itself features $2.5 million prize pool which is massive. There are very few betting opportunities outside the NBA 2K League, but this is not all bad news. In fact, each of the 17 teams that is currently represented in the NBA 2K League will play at least 19 games in the season. This gives you a total of 323 games, and thousands of possible betting combinations and markets. There are also the qualifying events to consider, and many smaller tournaments that are sometimes events, making for a brilliant selection of options all in all.

Some Tips to Win More at NBA 2K Betting

The goal of NBA 2K betting is to have fun. However, if you can win a little more in the process, this is not bad as well. So, how do you get there? Well, it's not all that difficult at all. Here are our top tips for mastering the NBA 2K betting game.

Pick the Best Betting Odds

You want to always to always pick the best odds for a single market or game. This means that you will need to do some shopping around. Register at at least two of the bookies and sportsbooks we recommend here and always cross-compare the markets and game odds they post. Then, bet at the one that simply offers you better options.

Know the Teams and Players

Don't go off just stats. Esports trading is not that easy and even professional analysts struggle to see what true fans see as the plain truth. That is why it's important to consistently cultivate and improve your knowledge of the NBA 2K and be aware of what is happening in each season and game.

Teams Change from One Season to the Next

Each season needs to be taken at its own value if you are looking to participate in NBA 2K gambling. The simple truth is that teams will draft, change players, bolster their performance or just the opposite – sag on their competitive game. Individual players do matter, and that is why you need to keep apace with changes in each season.

Bet Small Amounts, Go Big Later

There is no real reason why you should be betting big right from the start. Rather, you better spend time on studying the teams, game and what the results over the first weeks of the NBA 2K Leagues are. Bet small until you have a very clear idea of what is happening and how you can make it work to your distinct advantage.

Choose Trusted NBA 2K Betting Bookies

As mentioned many times in the article already, you want to pick only those websites that are actually trusted. This means that you need to pick from the list right here at Esports Grizzly or have a very clear-cut understanding about what a trusted bookie is. Always stick with recommended options that your fellow players appreciate and enjoy themselves. Esports fans should be fairly on-point when it comes to what the best bookmakers out there are, but you still need to do your diligence just to be extra sure!

NBA 2K Esports Betting Options: Conclusion 

NBA 2K is one of the most popular esports betting markets and games out there. The idea behind the competitive format is not new, but it was mostly through the NBA's efforts that the game gained its status as an esports fixture. Similar to FIFA esports, NBA 2K League and NBA 2K esports is one of the most prominent sports simulators, and definitely a great video game to place a bet on if you love basketball one way or the other. We hope that you will have a look at the available esports bookmakers and make the right choice.

NBA 2K Betting FAQs

Is betting on the NBA 2K League legal?

Yes. Betting on the NBA 2K League is actually safe and legal. This being said, you still need to find a website that is legal and licensed in the place where you live in. Some websites operate with international licenses, but preferably, you should look for bookmakers that are licensed in your country or jurisdiction.

Can I bet on NBA 2K from home?

Yes. You can bet on NBA 2K League events and games from any point in the world as long as you can connect to the bookies that you want to wager at. NBA 2K betting from home is fully possible and you will definitely have no trouble with it.

Do I win real money if I bet on NBA 2K League events and games?

Yes, absolutely. You can always win real money when you bet on NBA 2K League games so long as you get your wagers right. Just like in traditional basketball, NBA 2K betting asks you to make predictions about the outcome of the games you wish to wager on. If you get them right, you will end up collecting your winnings.

Can I place live bets on NBA 2K League events?

Yes, you can definitely place live bets on NBA 2K league games that are taking place in real time. Many bookmakers support in-play bets and the best sites we recommend are definitely among them. All you need to do is to pick a bookie that will offer you wagering options in real-time.

Are esports sites that offer NBA 2K League betting fair and safe?

Yes. NBA 2K betting sites are fair and safe, and you will have no trouble whatsoever placing a bet safely and reliably. It's still important to pick a website that you can trust in the long-term. Betting on NBA 2K is just as much about understanding the format and having knowledge of each team as it is about picking a trusted and licensed website, so that you are safe and get the most fun out of it.

Can I use an NBA 2K betting app to make my bets?

Yes, you can bet through a dedicated NBA 2K betting app. Many bookies we recommend actually support mobile 2K betting. This means that you can download a dedicated application on your iOS or Android phone and have the opportunity to wager remotely and as you see fit.

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