Betting Sites

To get you caught up quickly, we have offered a quick breakdown of the best Fortnite betting sites for the year. They cover a variety of Fortnite markets and make it easy for you to enjoy all sorts of excellent betting opportunities. There are often free bets, odds boosters, and other promotions to pick along the way as well. Check it out.
  1. Bet365
  2. GG.Bet
  3. Betway
Each of these brands has been thoroughly reviewed to provide you with the best possible gaming options across the board. You get to benefit from awesome bonuses, quick customer support, excellent and competitive odds, and generally some of the top Fortnite gambling sites available to you today.
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Why Play at Top Fortnite Betting Sites

There are many reasons why you should pick and stick with the top online Fortnite sportsbooks available. We have brought you five compelling reasons that will make you see for yourself that the better a Fortnite site is the better as a whole. Players who are new to betting will definitely have an edge by choosing a real money gambling site that meets all of Esports Grizzly's criteria for safety and fairness.

Best and Most Competitive Odds

The top Fortnite betting sites will bring you the most competitive odds. What this means is that you can always get the maximum value for each wager you place. This will always give you a small edge over the bookmaker, even. The advantage gets even better if you cross-reference odds between sites and stick with the ones that actually offer the better fixtures.

Excellent Fortnite Betting Bonuses

Another great benefit is that by sticking to such sites, you will also find some of the most worthwhile bonuses. Those include a great welcome package for new players, but also many free bets and odds boosters such as the ones extended by Betway. Truth be told, welcome packages are not worth your time so much, so we would recommend focusing on the types of bonuses that include:
  • Free bets
  • Risk-free wagers
  • Odds boosters

Impeccable Customer Support

Another excellent benefit of the top Fortnite betting sites is the fact that they will all provide you with spot-on customer support. Support can be available via email, chat, and even phone. In most cases, you will have at least two options available. Not only that but many esports bookmakers today, such as GG.Bet, have a community live chat where people can exchange opinions and betting advice.

Fantastic Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is very important to modern esports bettors. Since the majority of us are used to betting from a handheld device, it's doubly important to have access to a site that puts an equal emphasis on mobile betting. All of the brands recommended by Esports Grizzly will help you with that and bring you the best mobile betting experience for Fortnite.

True Variety of Fortnite Markets

Not least, you want to also access some of the best Fortnite betting markets. To get there, you simply need to trust top sites. This is why the brands listed here will all provide you with a variety of excellent betting options and markets to bet on as you please. Whether you are looking for in-play or pre-game wagers, props, or parlays, the betting sites on our list have it all.

Available Fortnite Betting Options 

There are many different types of Fortnite wagers that you can place. In fact, knowledge of these wager types could help you boost your winnings or conversely – cost you money. This is why it's important to understand how betting options work and whether they make sense to you personally. Let's take a look at some of the most popular Fortnite betting types:
  1. Match winner – Fortnite often puts hundreds of people playing against each other in real-time. After all, this is what battle royale games are all about. Well, a match winner would be you betting on who of those 100 people will win at the end of the game. There are many unknowns of course, as a good player can be taken out completely by chance in the melee.
  2. Future bet – If you want to bet on the outright winner of an event, you can do so without much ado. You will be able to quickly place a wager and enjoy yourself without any problems. These types of wagers are placed early in an event or a competition.
  3. Parlay – If you think several selections or markets are likely to win, you can combine them in one super-big Fortnite wager known as a parlay. This way you can bet on all markets simultaneously but the parlay bet's success will depend on all selections turning out correct from the first to the last one.
  4. Props – Props are fun types of wagers that are also a little more specific. They are basically bets on one particular condition happening. You have no idea whether this will happen, but it's something that's statistically probable. That is why prop bets are some of the most fun and worthwile Fortnite wagers many players turn to.

Fortnite Betting Tips

If you are keen to make even smarter Fortnite wagers, you have come to the right place. We will break down some of the most common stratagems that just happen to also guarantee you some degree of success if followed carefully. Let's take a look.

Know the Players

If you want to get a statistical advantage, you will probably want to know who is competing. Your betting presence will be stronger if you are familiar with all participants. You can focus on only a handful of players and stick with them while also analyzing their opponents. By studying individual players' games you will be more likely to actually bring around positive change to your betting game and get better results across the board.

Pick the Best Esports Betting Sites

Evidently, you want to make sure that you have your hands on some of the best esports betting sites. Esports Grizzly has made sure to bring you a detailed list of esports brands as part of this Fortnite betting guide. You will ultimately decide which brands cut it for you, but overall, there is definitely a point in making the most out of your Fortnite wagering.

Follow the Meta and Play the Game

If you want to have an even better insight into Fortnite and the battle royale genre, you should be playing the game yourself. This will teach you about the mechanics and challenges that players face. For example, are you betting on a game where the building is switched on or on a game where only the first-person element matters? It all matters. Some players are great shots but fare very poorly when they have to erect constructions in split seconds. Understanding these finer points will definitely help you become a better Fortnite bettor.

Start with Familiar Esports Markets

In order to make a dent in your betting game on Fortnite, you should always focus on betting on familiar markets. This means prioritizing things such as market winner over, let's say parlays. By starting with match winners, you will see how good you are at calling the outcomes of an event without risking too much at any given time.

Choose the Best Fortnite Esports Odds

If you want to get the best value out of your betting, you do need to take a look at the available Fortnite odds. This means comparing Fortnite betting odds across more than a single website. By doing this you can further offset the small house edge that the bookmaker has, usually known as a “vigorish” or “juice,” which is charged to your bets. Have at least two accounts registered to run the odds and place the most worthwhile Fortnite bets at the best possible odds. Better odds mean that you can account for better market and event depth by juicing out that extra yield from your wager. Whether you are betting on match winners or parlays, having the best odds is always the best way.

What Are the Best Fortnite Tournaments to Bet On?

Fortnite keeps a very busy competitive season. There are high-profile Fortnite matches every week, and you get to enjoy a constant stream of battle royale game action. The tournament schedule is already packed for 2023 with February proving to be one of the busiest months for most Fortnite betting sites available to you. You can check the full list of all current and upcoming Fortnite tournaments and events you can bet on by simply visiting the official Liquipedia page. The page is updated in near real-time to provide you with a quick scoop on what is coming next. There are also great advantages to using the table as you can plan ahead and see what players will be playing next and study them a little closer. Clearly, the Fortnite World Cup is one of the busiest events for betting. There are tons of Fortnite events throughout the year so keep an eye out for the ones that you really want to bet on.

Fortnite Betting Sites FAQs

Is betting on Fortnite legal?

Yes, betting on Fortnite games is legal. You can place a wager on the outcome of Fortnite games without any worry. However, you still need to observe your local laws which may bar specific types of betting activity.

How old do I have to be to bet on Fortnite websites?

You need to be at least 18 or 21 in order to legally participate in esports betting. This includes Fortnite. The difference between 18 and 21 will depend on your specific country and jurisdiction. Most countries in Europe set the gambling age as 18 but North America mostly sticks to 21 as its baseline.

Can I make money placing Fortnite bets?

Yes, you can make money by betting on Fortnite matches and games. The activity is meant as a sort of recreational hobby, but you can still earn real money. It's important to understand, however, that you cannot turn Fortnite betting into a career or a full-time job.

What is the best Fortnite betting site?

Pinnacle and Rivalry, and all seem to be some of the best Fortnite wager sites. They are trusted, and reliable and will make it easy for you to place wagers in real-time and resolve them quickly. It's good to keep an account registered on at least two of these websites.

What are the best betting markets for Fortnite?

Game or match winner. If you are looking to make the most out of your betting game, you will definitely want to bet on something simple. Esports betting is not in itself complicated, but it does help to keep betting on markets that are fairly simple and straightforward.

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