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Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile esports. It was developed by Supercell, a Swedish game maker, and quite honestly, no one thought that the cartoony clash royale would even amount to much. Things are much different in 2023. Brawl Stars is a major esports success, and esports gambling sites are happy to accept wagers on anything, from the Brawl Stars World Finals to the Brawl Stars Championship. Today, we take a look at the best Brawl Stars betting websites and what they have to bring. We cover the best bookmakers that run competitive odds for Brawl Stars games and tournaments, to bring you the best possible experience possible.
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Best Brawl Stars Betting Sites

Here, you will find a list of the top esports bookmakers that cover the most worthwhile gambling markets for Brawl Stars. We bring you a complete breakdown of each brand in our reviews. For now, though, this table serves as a quick way to access the best Brawl Stars wagers. Each of the brands featured on our list is a great place to bet on Brawl Stars. You will have the opportunity to wager on all current tournaments and events that are worth your while, and on provenly good teams and players.

How to Pick a Great Brawl Stars Betting Site

If you are keen to pick a better gambling website for yourself and wish to bet with the most trusted Brawl Stars bookies, we recommend following our own guide for finding these websites. We usually look into several crucial factors to predict which are the best Brawl Stars betting sites. For example, we are not interested in Braw Stars loot boxes gambling or illegal gambling. We only play at recommended, trusted, and fair sites instead.

#1 Trust Licensed Betting Sites Above All Else

The first thing we expect to find in a great website is that it's licensed and trusted among esports bettors. We prefer bookmakers that have an official license. There are many great choices to pick from. Pinnacle, GG.BET, bet365, Betway, and all come to mind. These websites are all international powerhouses that provide you with impeccable betting and gambling options on Brawl Stars and a selection of other esports games.

#2 Bet on Sites with Ample Brawl Stars Coverage 

The next thing we expect to find in a great website that offers bets on Brawl Stars is a vast selection of competitive markets and odds. We want to make sure that the site covers the Brawl Stars Championship and World Finals. There are a number of prominent tournaments that are worth betting on and a good website would make sure to offer real money bets on those and more. Players are encouraged to stick to trusted brands that will help them discover the most worthwhile betting opportunities.

#3 Check the Live Streams

Esports bookies are built today to provide you with a variety of in-play and live-streaming options. You will always be able to follow the latest Brawl Stars action by knowing which website to pick. The best, as we have clarified is equipped with a cool variety of live betting options and the opportunity to watch all major Brawl Stars events right on the website!

#4 Enjoy Fast Banking and Cashouts 

Another way to verify whether a website is actually safe is to take a closer look at the banking system. We only choose Brawl Stars esports gambling sites that have a reputation for quick deposits and fast withdrawals that reward players with flexible banking. We carefully check the banking system at each site we recommend bringing you the best possible options and make sure that next time you place a bet, you can cash out your winnings without a hitch!

#5 Look for Reliable Customer Support 

Another big factor for us in the choice of a trusted Brawl Stars esports bookie is to know that you can always get in touch with customer support. Players who are new will definitely enjoy the opportunity to get a fast connection with care agents, whether this happens via email, live chat, or phone.

What Brawl Stars Betting Markets Are There

you are keen to bet on Brawl Stars, you will be happy to find out that there are tons of possible markets you can actually bet on. This means that a website should definitely do its best to offer you access to all of these – and possibly more. Here, you will find a full list of all options as they were.
  • Match Winner – Match winner is the simplest type of wager you can place. It essentially means that you bet on a player or a team to win the game or series outright. There is no need to go any deeper than that.
  • Totals – Totals usually refer to the total damage, points, or games played and you will usually bet above or under a specific number that the bookie has asked you to in order to win or lose.
  • Outright Winner – An outright winner is a bet that is placed on the team or player that you expect to win the entire tournament. It's a good bet, especially if you are placing ahead of the semifinals, or even at the beginning of the competitive season.
  • In-Play – In-play is another name that simply stands for live betting. Players who are new to betting will definitely want to have this type of wager available even if they are not fully capable of benefiting from it.
  • Parlays – Parlay betting is a specific type of wagering that asks you to bet on the outcome of Braw Stars games that have to do with one specific condition or two. For example, is a player going to take all opponents in a game? Will team or player A draw first blood, and so on.

Brawl Stars Betting Bonuses – Are They Worth It?

Betting bonuses definitely sound like fun, but they are not necessary to have a great time The websites we recommend will actually make sure that you have access to some excellent opportunities, such as no deposit bonuses, risk-free wagers, and more. The bonuses are available at nearly all esports bookies. Some may have better offers while others may focus on a particular type of bonus instead. Other betting sites that accept Brawl Stars wagers still may even have a dedicated VIP and loyalty program to make the experience more fun for you. Overall, we recommend checking out the listed betting esports brands we have listed in our table on this page.

Brawl Stars Tournaments to Bet On

Brawl Stars is quite the sensation and while never intended as an esports, it simply exploded. For one, the game is so easy to get into, that everyone loves to play it. This has naturally led to a proliferation of competitions and tournaments – and thanks to that, to the proliferation of more events that you can bet on! Today, the Brawl Stars Championship and Brawl Stars World Finals are among the most watched mobile esports. They are also the most bet-on events for handheld device competitive gaming. There are numerous other events all year round for even more opportunities to gamble. There are Open Cups and Qualifiers, all of which tie into the global Brawl Stars ecosystem which has a very strong presence in Asia.

How to Bet at Brawl Stars and Win

Not least, we have prepared a list of practical tips and pieces of advice that will actually help you win more while playing Brawl Stars. This way you can always enjoy better outcomes on your wagers when you place them. To make things even better, these tips are actually applicable to other forms of esports betting and situations.

#1 Bet on Players and Teams You Follow 

The first thing you ought to do to get a bit of an advantage is to follow the players and teams that you wish to bet on. It's important to understand how players and teams work together. Some teams may perform well in one season but be a drag in another. To be able to tell the difference and spot the signs early, you ought to follow Brawl Stars with a passion. Do not take things at face value. New players and teams appear all the time and yes, many of them are actually very competitive and capable even if not household names.

#2 Play the Game, Even a Bit

Another important thing is to play the game yourself. Many players want to bet without understanding core mechanics, relevant changes to the meta and more. But to truly remain competitive when placing your next wager on Brawl Star all you need to do is to spend some time playing. Don't play too much or too often if you don't want to, but rest assured that by developing the habit to play, you will soon up your betting game.

#3 Compare Odds All the Time

We cannot stress this enough. While picking one of the bookies on our list is perfectly fine there are big benefits of choosing at least two. The odds will vary – even slightly – between different bookmakers and this could actually provide you with a benefit. Comparing odds is a core strategy that will wok well for Brawl Stars and pretty much any other game.

#4 Don't Be in a Hurry to Bet Big 

One of the biggest mistakes people often do is to hurry and bet big without fully grasping the games, events, or current meta. There is no need for you to rush into placing big bets. Keep your interest piqued with a few side bets but first and foremost focus on growing your knowledge of the game which will help you make smarter decisions down the road. It all adds up.

Brawl Stars Betting Sites Conclusion 

Overall, there is plenty of fun to be had when you look to bet on Brawl Stars events. All events are sufficiently covered by trusted betting sites that will make each Brawl Stars bet you place a safe and fun one, and each win – is immediately available for cash out. We only recommend websites that have a proven track record and that will bring you extensive coverage, competitive odds, and the best possible markets for your favorite Brawl Stars tournaments and events.

Brawl Stars Betting Sites FAQs 

Is Brawl Stars betting legal?

Yes, betting on Brawl Stars is completely legal and reliable. Players are very much welcome to gamble on their favorite betting site as long as it's licensed and they are of the legal gambling age.

How old do I have to be to bet on Brawl Stars legally?

18 or 21. Depending on where in the world you are based, you may need to be 18 or 21 of age in order to gamble on the outcome of Brawl Stars betting events. Players are very welcome to place a wager on Brawl Stars at any of the bookies we recommend, but still, keep in mind what your local laws say about the gambling age.

Can I bet with cryptocurrencies on Brawl Stars games?

Yes, you can. There are gambling sites that allow you to place a wager in crypto on your favorite Brawl Stars event, game or match. You will usually head to websites such as Cloudbet or for trusted betting options when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Is there mobile Brawl Stars betting?

Yes, you can bet on mobile Brawl Stars without any issues. Players are welcome to enjoy their gambling in real-time and place bets on the go as they wish.

Can I bet on live Brawl Stars events?

Brawl Stars sites will make sure that you can bet on events as they are in progress. This means that players can bet using in-play functionalities for an added layer of fun.

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